Fortnite returns to mobile via Geforce Now

Everything jumped in the summer of 2020. Fortnite, one of the most played titles in the world, was removed from the App Store and Play Store, ultimately making it inaccessible on iOS devices and difficult to access on Android devices. . A very significant part of its users have not been able to play on their favorite platforms due to a legal dispute between Epic and Google and Apple regarding the percentage that the latter two take for each transaction made on their platforms. Tim Sweeney’s company tried to offer a cheaper independent payment option that bypassed pay-per-device systems; the tech giants reacted by kicking the game out for violating the terms that any app can enter sales services,

As a result of this situation, a legal battle was triggered which is still active and which may determine not only the future of Fortnite but of the video game industry itself and beyond, since the percentage of sales to platform owners is an essential part of the industry and a model that is part of the raison d’être of companies like Nintendo, Xbox or Sony. Meanwhile, Fortnite is still not “officially” available on mobile devices, but now a solution has been opened via Geforce Now which again opens the door for the fan.

We’ve talked about Geforce Now before and there’s no shortage of presentations. Nvidia’s cloud service is one of the most reliable options out there, with some options that go further in terms of graphics and configuration than other options like Stadia. It was already an option to install it on this class of devices, but the novelty compared to Fortnite is that different specific touch control configurations have been enabled, making the possibility of playing comfortably using touch controls, without the need for an additional controller that would be normal for any other cloud service title.

The experience with the game was good on a 5G network at 70 Mbps. In addition to the basic virtual control options on the screen to move, rotate the camera, jump and other actions typical of the title, three shooting systems have been activated according to our preferences. In one of them, we fire automatically when our target is on an enemy; another offers a specific button to shoot; and a final bet for the shot by tapping any point on the screen. These are options to facilitate competitiveness with the use of touch devices

There are, yes, some limitations. Geforce Now is free in its most basic version, but it has a limit of one hour of continuous play. Once passed, it will automatically disconnect us and we can reconnect (as many times as we want), so it is better to go out and back between games when we are close to the limit, before they put us out in the middle of the fight. The biggest problem is that in this free range the priority is the most basic and we may encounter queues at certain times.

Fortnite returns to mobile via Geforce Now

A door that reopens

The Priority account, priced at €9.99 per month, offers a service with faster access and six hours of continuous play before having to log back in, as well as a remote team with better features, which makes this option more suitable for dedicated players but perhaps not necessary for the casual Fortnite player. The highest tier is the Geforce Now 3080 RTX, which gives you a luxury of remote gear, but isn’t necessary if your focus is on Fortnite – another thing is you want to try it out with the rest of your library in Steam/Epic/GOG and other digital libraries, with very good results, especially on Ipad and with a bluetooth connected tablet.

Installing Geforce Now is very simple, in IOS it is done through Safari, following a few simple steps that leave a direct link on our device. Once we have entered our Nvidia account and associated the digital libraries we want (the Epic Store in the case of Fortnite), we will be ready. It’s certainly not as convenient as having a fully functional native app, but it’s a good alternative to bring back something that millions of gamers are missing, especially since there were 2.5 million users of Epic’s game on iOS before its release. .

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