Fortnite: Upcoming Crossovers Could Include Elden Ring, Surveys Suggest

A leaked survey could provide clues as to which video game characters may end up Fortnite as future skins, including options for Elden Ring.

The successful multiplayer Battle Royale of Epic It has seen guest appearances from comic book icons, movie characters and even; real world celebrities like Arianna Grande Y Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Also, the last event of Fortnite highlights many superheroes of Marvel who have visited The island throughout the years.

Now, an unofficial and unconfirmed player poll suggests some new guest character skins from Fortnite, shared by Twitter user and rumor tracker Fortnite, Shiina.

This list of characters, which was provided to Shiina by Guille_GAG from the Fortnite News Twitter account, includes a wide range of characters from comics, TV shows, and other games, and the game list includes Melina from Elden Ring and Iron Fist Alexander among the many potential new skins.

The leaked poll list has not been confirmed by Epic Games nor by any other official source and is considered speculation at this time.

If this Fortnite poll is legit, it would probably be exciting news for fans of the game.

Elden Ring it quickly became one of the best-selling video games of 2022 when it launched in February, and players are still discussing new character builds and boss strategies months later.

Some of the main characters that players of Elden Ring have found in the untamed LandsBetween include the helpful melina, that guides players on their journey to become Elden Lord, and Iron Fist Alexander, a whimsical Living Jar that players can summon to aid them after completing a certain quest.

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