Fortnite will have more Naruto skins and Darth Vader’s Mythic Lightsaber in the new update 21.10

As we had previously reported, Fortnite will have a new crossover with Naruto and with this more skins will come to the game. Epic Games has confirmed this week that several new cosmetics from the hit anime and manga franchise will be added to the game. However, Darth Vader will also be added so players who can defeat him will get the Mythic Lightsaber.

New skins will also be added along with a new event, which will ask players to complete different challenges in exchange for some of these cosmetics and other rewards. All of these skins and more are coming to the game on June 23, but the community challenges associated with the event started a bit earlier and are live now.

Before the Naruto skins hit the item shop, the Nindo challenges have returned once again. You will have to complete four themed challenges to earn free cosmetics.

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