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A recent fanmade “What If?” the concept video has some fans asking if there will ever be Fortnite X Regular Show Collaboration Skins with some sort of cross event between the two properties. Given the success of the game’s collaboration with Rick and Morty, there might be a chance to see more popular properties in Cartoon Network’s extensive catalog. But how likely is it?

Will there be a Fortnite X Regular Show collaboration?

João Filipe Santiago, a Brazilian CG artist and 3D/2D animator, has created a fantastic fictional video (posted above) of what a Fortnite item store would look like if it had a Regular Crossover Show. Creating Blender models and animations of favorite cartoon characters, it features a Mordecai skin with Rigby playing the keyboard on his back and Skips with the Hi Five Ghost as his sidekick. It also cleverly creates a Skips Forever emote, a Fists of Justice harvesting tool, and a brilliant OOOHH! emote that makes Rigby and Mordecai go wild with their arms up. Near the end of the video, it shows Mordecai falling to the ground but then getting picked up by Rigby hamboning.


As incredible as the video is, it’s unlikely that Epic Games will choose Regular Show for future collaboration, at least in the immediate future. While the animated sitcom still has a strong nostalgia factor and fits the goofy Fortnite vibe very well, it hasn’t aired for a long time. After eight successful seasons with more than 250 total episodes on Cartoon Network, the main series’ last episode was in January 2017. Fortnite rightly tends to choose collaborations with fresh and current properties, and if not no, they must be massively popular like Naruto.

A Fortnite investigation into possible collaborations sent to players around June 18, 2022 shows that Regular Show was not listed in the “Cartoons & Anime” or “TV Shows” categories. But all hope is not lost. Although Regular Show can’t quite compete with, say, Dragon Ball Z or Pokemon (both of which are on the list), it can be integrated into Princess Mononoke and Chucky. If enough fans are asking Epic Games for a collaboration with Regular Show on Twitter or via polls, it’s not out of the question. With enough interest, perhaps retweeting Santiago’s impressive work, it could happen one day.

In other news, Mirror’s Edge 3 won’t happen as DICE apparently doesn’t have time due to Battlefield 2042, and Xbox Game Pass will add Far Cry 5, FIFA 22 and more later in June.

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