FPS Boost will not go through Dragon’s Dogma

With the announcement of a new Dragon’s Dogma in development, perhaps you would like to dive back into the opus 360. Capcom’s action RPG still has certain qualities and remains pleasant even in 2022. However, do not expect to benefit from the FPS Boost on this title because of some technical issues.

Ever since their arrival, the Xbox Series X|S has made a habit of improving our gaming experience on retro titles. Thanks to different features, the games are displayed in a better version and with a sometimes higher framerate than the original. This last feature is called the FPS Boost and concerns nearly a hundred games, from Assassin’s Creed Unity at Titanfall 2 Passing by Gears 4 for example.


Since then, players have shown an interest in seeing this option land on Dragon’s Dogma and its expansion Darth Arisen. However this should not happen. The backwards compatibility team tried hard to make this possible but ran into various issues. Of the “undesirable side effects” thus tainted the experience and the developers were therefore unable to add Dragon’s Dogma to the list of compatible games. This is confirmed by Jason Ronald, principal architect of the Series X on Twitter

It is not impossible that this will change in the future. As technical developments are regular, updates to the FPS Boost may still be offered. But Xbox announced last year that it was pausing development of the catalog to focus on other projects. Wait & see as they say. Even if in the state, it seems unfortunately already seen everything.

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