Geek Pride Day: what is its origin and why is it celebrated on May 25

May 25 is coming, you go on Twitter and…surprise! Four hundred thousand hashtags let you know that today is Geek Pride Day. You had no idea (as usual) and you wonder who the hell thought of celebrating and why on this date. But don’t worry, that’s why we’re here, to tell you how this sane world works. Here is the origin and the reasons for this particular day.

Why is Geek Pride Day celebrated on May 25?

This one is easy. Because, my darlings, what could be more geeky than Star Wars? May 25 is the anniversary of the theatrical release of his first film, known since 1997 as Episode IV: A New Hope. And since Star Wars has another day for him, May 4 (which is why May 4and be with you), on the 25th, he was free and deserved such a celebration.

This Geek Pride Day 2022 is particularly symbolic because A New Hope turns 45 and does so at the dawn of a big week for Star Wars fans. This May 26 begins a new edition of the Star Wars Celebration (four days of announcements on the future of the saga) and the 27 Obi-Wan Kenobi in preview on Disney +, one of the most anticipated productions of the ‘year.

Geek Pride Day 2022

What is the origin of Geek Pride Day?

As much as the date is chosen by Star Wars, George Lucas and company have nothing to do with it. Geek Pride Day has been celebrated in Spain since 2006 and we owe it in large part to Germán Martínez, better known as Mr. Buebo, a mythical figure in the early days of the Internet. From his very popular blog at the time called The Dark Side (why don’t you know what it was?), Mr. Buebo came up with the idea and it spread like wildfire. .

With the intention of establishing a date in the style of Book Day, but serving to commemorate the passions of the geek community, more than 300 people gathered in Plaza de Callao, Madrid, to celebrate this first Geek Pride Day of 2006. others supported the cause and echoed through the networks. The success was such that the initiative was repeated in the following years, each time with more people, resources and media presence. An unstoppable snowball that reaches today’s date. Of these powders, these muds.

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