Genshin Impact comes to another platform that is not yet Switch

When Genshin Impact announced that it would be coming to a new platform, some fans were hopeful that the long-awaited port of switch was on the way.

Unfortunately for gamers Switch, the ad was not for the console Switch, but for the launch of Genshin Impact on the platform Nvidia’s GeForce NOW.

Genshin Impact can now be played on GeForceNOW, which requires a membership of GeForce NOW and an account of hoyoverse to play.

In a post on the official website, hoyoverse announced that the game is now available on the cloud gaming platform GeForce NOW of Nvidia.

The service offers free and paid membership tiers, giving players access to its ever-growing catalog of games, which now includes Genshin Impact.

Via GeForceNOW, players can travel to Teyvat on devices Windows,Mac Y Chrome book. Unfortunately, mobile devices are not currently supported; nevertheless, Genshin Impact is available in app stores iOS Y Android.

Unlike purchases made in PlayStation, in-game purchases made through GeForce NOW will be ported to all other platforms supported by Genshin Impact.

Unfortunately, there is still no news about the next release of Genshin Impact on Nintendo Switch.

Earlier this year, a rumor spread online that the port of switch was cancelled, due to a description on one of Genshin Impact’s YouTube videos that omitted the Genshin Impact logo. Nintendo from the list of supported platforms.

Some eagle-eyed viewers who saw the error speculated that it confirmed that Genshin Impact would no longer come to Switch.

Shortly after, the video title was updated to include switch as a supported platform, and subsequent videos include it as well.

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