God Of War Ragnarök could show new details very soon

One of the most trusted leakers on Twitter just teased something related to God of War Ragnarokand many believe it points to a reveal coming next week.

The mysterious leaker, who calls himself TheSnitch, has an impressive track record, having previously leaked, among other things, the existence of a remaster of Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core prior to his announcement during the anniversary broadcast of Final Fantasy 7 In the past week.

In a traditionally cryptic post, The Snitch shared a family gif of Kratos nodding his head while holding his axe.

The leaker added a sequence of numbers to the gif; four ones and one zero. Many have noted that the sequence “11110”, It’s the number 30 in binary code.

Many have interpreted this to mean that Sony will transmit a State of Play special dedicated to God of War Ragnarok on the 30th, a week after the leak was published.

Of course, Sony nothing has been confirmed yet, and given how vague the teaser is, there are plenty of other interpretations, such as a possible full release on the 30th of any month between now and December.

It’s also possible that the leak is just wrong, but given the history of TheSnitch, that would be a surprise.

God of War Ragnarok is one of the most anticipated games of 2022, so its absence from the video game showcases that are common in June has come as a surprise to gamers hoping to find out more about it.

This conspicuous absence from the lineup is perhaps the strongest evidence that the game won’t release in 2022 after all.

On the other hand, producer Cory Barlog previously mentioned that God of War Ragnarok it’s already complete and playable, which would make a 2022 release not only feasible but inevitable.

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