Gran Turismo 7 gets stronger with patch 1.15: new cars, tests…

Gran Turismo 7 is receiving its 1.15 update on May 26, which brings various new features and experience improvements. Among the added contents, the 3 cars that are added to the already vast simulator garage stand out. The Toyota GR010 Hybrid ’21 monopolizes the spotlight at the round. The winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans can now be driven by everyone in the virtual world. It is accompanied by the Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo and the Roadster Shop Rampage.

In addition, the studio is expanding the GT Café menu with 3 post-match menus. You can access it after completing issue 39, which leads to the final scene. Conversations are expanded on this side of the game with 55 new dialogues. Almost nothing. As if that wasn’t enough, in World Circuits you will see 3 more new championships added.

Some adjustments have also been made in Sport mode. On-Field Penalties will have their algorithm adjusted so that penalties are not applied for minor contact. On the other hand, the information on the screen extends the information offered by the events.

Then we leave you with the most outstanding elements. The patch includes a host of fixes which you can see in the source of this news.

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.15 Highlights

  • Added 3 purchasable cars in Brand Central: Toyota GR010 Hybrid 10, Roadster Shop Rampage and Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo.
  • Added 3 new menus: 40, 41, 42.
  • A birthday reward ticket has been added.
  • Three new events are added to the World Circuits: Lightweight K-Cup, Vision Gran Turismo Trophy, and GR.1 Prototype Series.
  • Adjusted rewards for arcade and custom races.
  • Added localization for Scapes New Orleans.
  • Added 7 new paint colors.
  • Online Time Trial has been added to Sport.
  • Added a progress indicator to the next driver rating in the profile.

Source: Gran Turismo 7

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