GTA 5: An exploit allows you to earn millions, but only for a limited time

Thanks to the weekly update of grand theft auto 5players can earn millions of dollars by completing special cargo and warehouse missions.

Since its launch twelve years ago, GTA Online has maintained a relatively stable player base through its dedicated gaming community and weekly updates.

Weekly, RockstarGames release new content with a new update, giving players new goals and objectives.

These rotating opportunities include new missions, offers, cars, and modes, some of which are available for a limited time only.

Experienced players know how to take advantage of some of the glitches and updated missions of GTA Online to earn more money or earn RP.

As reported by PCGamesN, the latest weekly update for GTA 5 It allows players to easily earn millions of dollars by taking advantage of special cargo and warehouse missions.

The latest update lowers the cost of purchasing special cargo vehicles and warehouses by one 30%while offering a cash bonus of fifty% for completing cargo missions.

With these limited time perks, it’s easy to make quick money by getting into warehouse trading.

To make the most of the opportunity, the players of GTA 5 They must buy multiple warehouses, fill them with cargo to trigger one of the special cargo missions, and then sell as much cargo as possible to maximize profits.

PCGamesN suggests that players start with a small warehouse and earn enough money in GTA 5 to buy a medium warehouse.

The process continues until the player is able to purchase a large warehouse, with the goal of selling the properties. Filling a large warehouse can take about two hours, but the reward is well worth it, as a full large warehouse is worth four million dollars.

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