Halo Infinite: The New Entrenched Fracture Debuts This Week

Since its release on November 15, 2021, Halo Infinite offers several content passes. If that of each season remains indefinitely, some events are regularly offered. The fractures are the red thread of a season, offering to fill a specific pass with different content. The one from the first season thus made it possible to unlock Samurai armor for our Spartans. The season two one features yet another story.

Spartans in a devastated world for the Entrenched Fracture

The Fracture of season two thus bears the name of Entrenched. The story of this one takes place in a variant of the universe Halo, on a world devastated by ether bombs and with soldiers augmented via alchemy. The UNSC soldiers continue the fight, however, equipped with armor protecting against both radiation and Covenant plasma weapons.

The 343 Industries teams have also informed us that a story will be written on the site HaloWaypoint regarding Entrenched. ‘THE LAST SKY MARSHAL’ will begin when the Fissure returns in June. At each event of this one, the story will end on a cliffhanger before a community vote decides the dilemma proposed during this one. How the adventure unfolds will therefore depend on the Spartans around the world.

The content of the Fracture pass revealed

Similar to Season One, the Fracture will be available six times throughout the season, with one week of availability each time. The first of them began on Tuesday, May 24, and will last until May 31. To unlock all the content, you will need to complete the Fracture Pass containing 30 items. Be careful, it is only possible to unlock ten rewards per week. You can find the cosmetic items to win in the visual below. What to dress up your Spartan with new armor.

To advance in this pass, each player will have to play in the playlist Fracture which will focus on games in mode landgrab. This one asks you to capture three areas, each of which disappears after a team wins a point. Once the areas disappear, new ones appear until victory, requiring eleven points. Challenges needed to advance through the Fracture Pass are available in the Challenges screen, with an orange mark.

You can discover the launch trailer for this new event in the trailer below:

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