Happy enemies to court! Disney+ launches a new variety of legal light comedy “The Algorithm of Justice” in Taiwan

Happy enemies to court! Disney+ launches a new variety of legal light comedy “The Algorithm of Justice” in Taiwan

Disney+ today officially released the latest Chinese-language drama “Small & Mighty” (Small & Mighty) exciting album stills, this drama has received a lot of attention since it was first announced on Disney+ last year, this is a new variety of legal affairs to challenge A light comedy of self-exploration based on the theme Returning to the small screen for more than 10 years, together with Guo Xuefu, the Chinese drama sweetheart who has been brave enough to challenge various roles in recent years, and the rising popularity, together with Hou Yanxi and Axi (Lin Yupin), a new generation of actors who are also amphibious across film and television. Sparks, laughter, and at the same time, a high-quality drama that explores various social phenomena and legal disputes.

Popular male star Chen Bolin plays

The plot of “The Algorithm of Justice” describes an accident that brought the life and career of “Liu Lang” (played by Chen Bolin), a highly capable but stinky and selfish legal star, to the bottom of the rock. out. Even though he was reluctant, he joined a public welfare law firm in order to make a living. Due to fate, he formed an enemy mentor and apprentice partner with the passionate new lawyer “Lin Xiaoyan” (played by Guo Xuefu); Liu Liangliang” (Lin Geyu) recognized as a father, and was forced to temporarily become a novice dad when he couldn’t find his biological mother. In the face of such a new life, Liu Lang gradually explored the original appearance of justice and the true meaning behind it in the elusive cases, and looked at the law and the world he originally knew from a different perspective.

Chinese drama sweetheart Guo Xuefu plays the passionate new lawyer This drama is set in a serious and heavy style that subverts legal dramas, creating a plot that is thought-provoking but light-hearted and humorous, allowing the audience to quickly penetrate the core of the story and feel the entertainment of the drama. What is true justice?” Director Xu Fuxiang talked about the textual connotation of the play and continued, “The Algorithm of Justice explores serious social and family issues in the form of light comedy and performances, and at the same time uses legal The conflict between law and human nature, to dialectically what is justice?”

After the film “Stupid Tears” won the Grand Jury Prize at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, director Xu Fuxiang once again invited the actor Chen Bolin to cooperate. Talking about the two cooperation experiences, the director directly said that the role of the new drama “Liu Lang” gave Chen Bolin a greater opportunity. Playing space and character depth, “Bo Lin’s transition between roles in these two works fully demonstrates his performance energy and deep understanding of the role. He is very professional in front of the scene, and drives the performances of all other actors, behind the scenes. It can also enhance the overall atmosphere of the entire crew.” The director highly praised Chen Bolin as an actor who combines professionalism and style, and hopes to continue working together in the future.

Guo Xuefu, who played the “rookie lawyer”, even sacrificed her color to wear a rice fan head and a pair of clumsy glasses, which formed an extreme contrast with Chen Bolin’s role! And this bold styling decision came from Guo Xuefu’s suggestion. The director talked about the first cooperation, which completely subverted his impression of Guo Xuefu. “Xuefu basically completely broke the audience’s image of her in front of the screen. Also because this style is more convincing, the final product also proves that this decision is correct, there is no shadow of Guo Xuefu at all, I think that can do this is a good actor worthy of respect.” In addition, in the play Hou Yanxi and Axi, the good Maji who play the male and female protagonists, in the released stills, they both put on Tutaike’s floral shirts, adding a lot of drama “laughing” fruit, and it makes people wonder how much they will bring in this drama. joke.

(Left) Hou Yanxi, (Right) Axi (Lin Yupin) will participate in the performance and bring the audience full of hilarious plots“The Algorithm of Justice” is directed by “16 Summers” Golden Bell Award director Xu Fuxiang, starring Chen Bolin and Guo Xuefu, and is produced by Yousong Entertainment Co., Ltd., which produced the hit drama “We Can’t Be Friends”, and is jointly produced with bilibili This lighthearted and fun new legal light comedy will bring the audience full of hilarious plots, and even think about what “justice” is in the laughter.

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