He rescues a mud-covered PS3 from the bottom of a swamp… What he does with it is remarkable

A member of Reddit became the best player of the month thanks to his good deed… He saved an abandoned PS3 in the middle of a swamp.

A surprising discovery

But what is this story? It all starts on Sunday, May 15, when the user behind the nickname WxmTommy95, takes his morning stroll around the city of Gold Coast located in Australia.

In the middle of a swamp, the young Australian then notices a familiar-looking object. Completely covered in mud and bathing in water that looks frankly not appetizing, it took a few seconds for the young man to finally recognize the mysterious UFO (unidentified floating object)


The rescue of the PS3

How did the poor console end up there? The mystery remains intact and makes many Reddit users laugh, who do not fail to speculate on the reasons for this abandonment. “Certainly a player who has met Malenia on Elden Ring” says one of them. Another user said “that the console may have belonged to Shrek”, if this is the case, it will be necessary to whisper in barley’s ear to invest in a more recent model.

The adventure could have ended there and the console would have remained forever in its swamp… Except that another Reddit user decided otherwise. ThatWasTayla went to the scene of the crime to come to the aid of Sony’s console. It was then that the young Australian embarked on an unprecedented rescue operation, and guess what? He recorded everything!

A week ago I saw a post of an abandoned PS3 left in a swamp.. So I went to rescue it from playstation

The patient between life and death

After a colorful operation, the future of the PS3 is still uncertain. ThatWasTayla took her home anyway and started taking care of the console. This one got a good, very good wash. The next step is to take everything apart and clean every corner of the PlayStation. Even if it is impossible to put the PS3 back in working order, this console becomes a unique piece in the collection of its owner. In the meantime, instead of throwing away your console because a game throws you off your feet, take a look at our foolproof tip to keep calm.

PS3 ThatWasTayla

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