Here is the only trophy in history to obtain without playing for 10 years

Jason Filankembo

Do you like weird PS4 trophies? It’s hard to find a more unusual one than this. To get it, you must not touch this game for 10 years.

Some developers are having fun on PS4

Since the release of the PS4, the hunt for trophies has been going well. Beyond simply reaching the end of an adventure, some are driven by the desire to discover absolutely all the content of a game to obtain the famous Platinum trophy, the grail. But there are some Platinum trophies that prove harder to get than others.

And classic trophies much more curious than others, like the one that asks you to perform a not very glorious action in NieR: Automata. Here we are going to talk about a particularly strange trophy present in The Stanley Parable: it asks you not to play for 10 years.

To get this PS4 trophy, don’t play The Stanley Parable for 10 years

When it was released in 2013, The Stanley Parable conquered a very large number of players. Very atypical, the title developed by Davey Wreden and William Pugh stands out with its narration and its level-design. A special walking simulator right down to its trophies. One of the trophies in the Ultra Deluxe version released in early May 2022 asks you not to play the game for 10 years. It is ironically called “Go play outside”.

You won’t find any PS4 game that tells you not to play to get a trophy, especially for this long. Note that in the 2013 version, it was enough not to launch the game for “only” 5 years to get the reward. This is clearly not the only strange trophy present in The Stanley Parable. To get “Engagement”, you will need to play an entire Tuesday, from midnight to midnight.

“Setting World Champion” asks you to place all option menu cursors on all available digits. Original trophies as we would like to see more often. Even though they are very weird, they certainly won’t traumatize you as much as these 7 very hard to get PS4 trophies.

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