Here is the worst French dubbing in the history of video games, your ears will suffer (VIDEO)

Jason Filankembo

Video game VFs often find themselves in the crosshairs of gamers. The worst French dubbing in video game history took for its rank when it was released.

The VF, so terrible as that in video games?

So, VF or VO? An eternal debate that concerns films as well as series and video games. An age-old question that can easily unleash passion, sometimes even too much. Eventually, in a constructive debate (not like the one over Aloy’s hair), the arguments of both sides can come together.

Authenticity for the original version, comfort for the French version… But it must be said that French dubbing is difficult to defend when its quality drops really low. Discover the worst French dubbing in the history of video games (our apologies to the dubbers who worked on this game).

Dynasty Warriors 3, a legendary game… for its catastrophic French dubbing

You’ll never hear anything as awful as the French dubs of Dynasty Warriors 3. The game released on PS2 and Xbox in 2002 (the PS2 version was released in 2001 in Japan) inflicts a real ordeal on our ears. There is simply no acting.

The French dubbings make the game look like a parody as the lines are delivered with an absolutely ridiculous and totally inappropriate tone. One wonders if the voice actors read the script and actually knew their character before dubbing them.

Maybe the development team called on passing pedestrians to save money. Dynasty Warriors 3 teaches us the art of completely discrediting the purpose of a game because of its dubbing.

Fortunately, the title had qualities to highlight, such as its catchy combat system and its generous lifespan. Despite this, Dynasty Warriors 3 will forever go down in history as the game with the worst french dubbing all time. Do not hesitate to take advantage of it thanks to the compilation of the cutscenes of the game presented below.

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