High on Life, a crazy shooter from the creators of Rick & Morty

Justin Roiland, one of the heads of Rick & Morty, has a video game. He was one of the first to appear at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase. Your title? High on Life, a casual shooter that of course doesn’t lack an iota of humor. Its console launch is exclusive to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. It will also debut on PC and Xbox Games Pass and PC Game Pass on day one.

After graduating from high school, the game’s protagonist has no job or ambition, but everything changes when aliens invade Earth. You will be part of a team that will take up arms as the intergalactic heroes and bounty hunters they were destined to be. We will be able to travel to a variety of locations and biomes across the universe, fight horrible creatures and collect materials, weapons and more.

Do not miss the first official trailer below these lines.

The Xbox Series X/S has taken off

Microsoft’s strategy with video games may no longer be fully supported by its consoles, but the next-gen machines of Redmond’s have started their commercial journey with a bang, although perhaps using the verb “start” is not correct, considering that they have been on the market for a year and a half. In a context of crisis due to the pandemic and the lack of semiconductors, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have managed to cross a few milestones.

In February, Microsoft’s new consoles overtook the PS5 in Europe. The same thing happened in Japan a few weeks ago, something that hadn’t happened for eight years. Translated into data: 2,693 PS5 units sold this week vs. 6,120 Series S. And what about Phil Spencer’s most powerful system? Pyrrhic figures, 105 units.

The main reason Sony’s console has been upgraded is because PS5 stock has been running very low. The Xbox Series X faced the same problem, but the Series S was more successful, and the flow of consoles, along with its affordability, made it a more than attractive platform.

The semiconductor crisis was present long before the launch of next-generation systems. It does not appear that it will be resolved in the short or medium term.

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