Hollow Knight Silksong: Switch release date, news 2021… What we know

We will embody Hornet, the princess of the Insect Kingdom: Hollow Knight: Silksongsequel to the first Hollow Knight game, is taking its time but will be coming soon!

Real sequel that started rather under the idea of ​​a DLC, Hollow Knight: Silksong will change the game of the first game by offering a different map and mechanics. Always in style metroidvaniathis new video game remains in development by the studio Team Cherry and will come out on Windows PC and Mac, as well as Nintendo Switch (including the OLED model).

Hollow Knight: release date

No release date has yet been announced for this new video game. Hollow Knight.

Long presumed for 2021, it finally seems that this release will be pushed into 2022 on Switch and computer, while the studio has been hit by the COVID crisis like everyone else. The latest official information, as rare as it is, provided information on:

  • The studio Team Cherry announces that the game will not be present at E3 2021
  • No confirmation until the day before the show, but gamescom 2021 is also not retained to talk about Hollow Knight 2
  • Despite a development that “going well“as reported on the official Discord, the video game Hollow Knight: Silksong remain discreet and rumors that it was shown during the Nintendo Direct September 23, 2021 were wrong.

Where the hell is this next Hollow Knight game? The latest rumor: a release in 2022, unveiled with an exclusive trailer during the Summer Game Fest!

Trailer and trailers of Hollow Knight 2

Just like the lack of official announcements, trailers are rare. For today, we only have to get our teeth into:

Development, news, Switch release and… Playstation 4 and PS5?

The initial announcement is made in 2019, when gamers were thinking of a DLC instead. Indeed, the crowdfunding of the 1st game indicated that the amount collected as a bonus would be used to develop 3 unique DLCs. But with all that money, it’s finally a brand new game that is launched! In addition, free for the backers of the first game (provided they have given a minimum of €10), this sequel to Hollow Knight keeps the same Australian indie development team.

The release is currently not planned on traditional consoles, while the physical versions of the first Hollow Knight have fallen behind on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

  • As it concerns Hollow Knight 2 (Silksong) : output remains for now exclusive to the Switchbut may well land on the next-gen Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X soon after.

In March 2019, the developers provided information on several characters and atmospheres of the game. After a big thank you to the fans for their patience, we learned that the sound universe will once again be the work of Christopherlarkin. Surprise: complete the game, and you will unlock a “Silk Soul” mode.


Gameplay, novelties and additions of video game content

The official site allows you to learn a little more, but the title still remains mysterious, even in 2022 (3 years after its formal announcement).

However, we know that:

  • The title will focus on hornetcharacter encountered during the adventures of the first game
  • Like its predecessor, Hollow Knight 2 is a metroidvania, 2D platform exploration game
  • The enemies will be all unreleasedjust like the map that promises to visit new lands
  • Three regions are already known, Deep Rocks and MossArea and Greymoor
  • To heal himself, Hornet will use silk and have several ways to do it

Barely enough to hold as the fans have already shown patience.

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