How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Files


Do you need a YouTube to MP3 converter to download your favorite songs to your computer? These programs can help you.

Do you use YouTube for music? If you want to save your favorite YouTube videos as audio files, some websites and software can rip the music tracks and convert them into MP3 files, which you can then save to your computer and listen to offline.

We also have a guide for downloading YouTube videos, but here we’ll focus on downloading audio files.



Legal disclaimer

Before diving into the heart of the matter, it is necessary to settle a thorny question: Is this type of conversion and download legal? It depends on the video. You can certainly convert and download your own personal YouTube videos, as well as public domain videos and non-copyrighted videos; just search YouTube for “public domain” and “uncopyrighted” content. But you can’t legally convert and download copyrighted videos without the owner’s permission.

As a warning, a Google spokesperson said: “Our Terms of Service(Opens a new window) prohibit uploading or copying videos to YouTube without the express permission of the copyright holder. ‘author. As soon as we are informed of the existence of an illicit tool or service allowing the downloading of a YouTube video without the authorization of the owner of the content, we take the appropriate measures.

Beware of certain sites

You should also be wary of online video conversion sites. Many of them may be buggy, or worse, attempt to infect your system with malware. Before visiting any such site, make sure that you are using reliable and updated antivirus software to block any malicious attack, just in case.

With these caveats in mind, let’s see how to convert YouTube videos to audio files.

MP3FY(Opens a new window) is a website that allows you to copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to convert. Just add the link and click the Convert button. Click Confirm to verify the video name, then click Download MP3. Save the MP3 file to your computer, where you can play it in your favorite music player.

MP3FY can also convert video to MP3 directly from YouTube. Add the letters fy between youtube and .com in the URL of the YouTube video you want to convert. You then go to the MP3FY website, where you follow the same steps to convert and download the MP3 file.

YouTube to MP3 from Motionbox

How to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files motionbox

Motionbox’s YouTube To MP3(Opens a new window) tool is another reliable and hassle-free conversion site. Copy and paste the YouTube video URL into the appropriate field. After conversion, you can preview the audio before downloading it. To save it to your computer, click the Download MP3 button, then click Trim and Download MP3.

4K YouTube to MP3

How to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files 4k download

Here is a converter program that you download, install and run on your Windows PC or Mac. The basic version of 4K YouTube to MP3(Opens a new window) is free. If you want to remove ads, download YouTube playlists and channels, and receive future software updates, the premium version(Opens a new window) costs $15 for three personal licenses.

With 4K Video Downloader, you can convert and download YouTube content as video or audio files. For audio files, you can choose between MP3, M4A and OGG formats, and opt for original quality, high quality, medium quality or low quality. You can choose your options each time you convert and download a video or set your default options by clicking the Smart Mode icon.

Copy a YouTube URL and then paste it directly into the program by clicking the Paste Link button. If you chose not to use smart mode, choose the audio format and quality, and download location. Click the Extract button. To play the resulting audio file, double-click the file in 4K Video Downloader or the folder where you saved it.

MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter

How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Files mediahuman

MediaHuman offers a free chat program called YouTube to MP3 Converter(Opens a new window) that you can install and run on your computer. Although simple to use, the software offers an array of advanced options. To get started, just copy and paste or click and drag the YouTube URL into the program, then click the Start Download button. You can even convert and download multiple videos at once.

The video is converted and downloaded to your computer, with a handy bar graph showing the progress. To find the file, click the Locate downloaded file button in the converter to open File Explorer or Finder and play the audio file. There is also an option that automatically adds the audio file to your iTunes library.

To go beyond basic functionality, click the General Options icon in the bottom toolbar, then select Preferences. Here you can choose to automate link pasting and downloading, control downloads, adjust network bandwidth, play with iTunes settings, and change the audio format and download folder.

Although all of these features are free, the Turbo Boost mode at $9.99 per year dramatically speeds up conversion and downloading in just seconds.

youtube music

How to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files youtube music

If you just want to listen to songs on YouTube without needing an MP3 file, YouTube Music lets you listen to your favorite tracks. With YouTube Music for iOS/iPadOS(Opens a new window) and Android(Opens a new window), you can browse and search for music from different artists, albums and genres on YouTube. Songs can’t be downloaded for use outside of the app, but a paid subscription to YouTube Premium(Opens a new window) will let you add offline listening.

Select your favorite artists and the app offers you a playlist of recommended channels; the most popular videos are displayed in a favorites list. The app keeps track of the music and channels you access so you can easily return to them. You can also create your own favorite music library.

The basic version of YouTube Music is free, but YouTube Music Premium is a paid option that removes ads, can play music in the background while you’re using your device, and lets you download music and playlists for offline listening in the app.

After a one-month free trial, YouTube Music Premium costs $9.99 per month on Android or $12.99 per month on iOS. The extra $3 on iOS is to cover the 30% fee Apple charges developers for in-app payments, but you can avoid that extra cost by signing up on the web for $9.99 and accessing your Premium account on your iPhone or iPad. There are family and student plans for $14.99 and $4.99 per month, respectively.

Are you allowed to convert YouTube videos to MP3?

Before the arrival of music on streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, the best way to get music was to convert a YouTube video to MP3, but is it legal to do so? Let’s dive deep to find out.

If you’re looking to get a free version of your favorite song, the easiest solution would be to go to YouTube and convert the video to MP3, but there’s a moral gray area with this particular practice.

If it is very easy to use a tool to convert a video, should you do it?

Is it legal to convert YouTube video to MP3?
Although you may feel a bit guilty for turning a YouTube video to MP3, it is perfectly legal.

The problem people have is what they decide to do with the file or what they actually convert.

Downloading copyrighted videos is prohibited, which means downloading or converting virtually any music video you find on YouTube is prohibited. For example, if you were to convert the above video to MP3, MP4 or other format, it would be illegal.

What happens if I convert a copyrighted video?

Downloading and converting copyrighted videos is done every day, even though this practice is illegal.

On the other hand, if you re-upload content from YouTube or elsewhere, you are more likely to have problems.

Justin Bieber/YoutubeDownloading a Justin Bieber song would be against the law.

Chances are if you download or convert a copyrighted video you’ll be fine, but that doesn’t mean you have to.

According to the conditions use of YouTube, “stream-ripping” isn’t allowed, but no one has been sued for it, nor for converting a copyrighted video into a download, according to Digital Music News.

So, yes, it’s illegal and generally frowned upon, but that doesn’t stop people from doing it.

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