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Fortnite is as much about getting a Victory Royale as it is about doing it in style, which is why it offers so many ways for players to earn XP.

Complete the battle pass faster with these tips! I © Epic Games

With Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 well underway, players continue to grind their battle pass, which is filled with amazing cosmetics, including emotes, back blings, and of course skins. The biggest reward for completing this season’s pass is the iconic Darth Vader skin, which was originally teased during the live event to end Chapter 3 Season 2.

Even if you’re having a slow start to the season or jumping into Epic Games’ battle royale just to try and earn exclusive Star Wars and Indiana Jones cosmetics, Fortnite offers plenty of ways to catch up without needing to. buy battle pass tiers. If you want to get the most out of your game time, scouting for the best locations isn’t the only way to get some XP fast.



Farm XP in Fortnite

Farming XP in Fortnite isn’t just about how fast you build or take down enemies. Sure, winning games and scoring points will reward you with a good chunk of XP, but even if you’re not that good at battle royale, Epic Games made sure everyone had a chance to complete. the battle pass.

Here is things you should watch out for when playing Fortnite if you want to maximize your XP gain:

Complete Fortnite Daily Challenges

Every day, Fortnite will offer players new challenges to complete, with additional bonuses if you complete more than one. You will earn a total of 1,000 XP per challenge. Completing three Daily Challenges will net you a bonus 15,000 XP, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

Daily Challenges are rarely difficult, and you’ll likely complete a few simply by completing tasks you already do normally in-game. A quick example is that some challenges required you to land in a specific location, pick up a certain type of ammunition or looting chests and boxes.

Complete Weekly Fortnite Quests

Fortnite s3
Completing weekly quests is the key to earning XP I © Epic Games

Weekly quests are your best bet for racking up XP quickly and efficiently. Unlike Daily Challenges, these missions do not expire and can be completed at any time during a Fortnite Chapter. Each weekly quest will give out 15,000 XP, with additional incentives for completing more than one. You will start at level 1 of the weekly quest bonus objectives, receiving a total of 43,000 XP each time you reach certain milestones.

Completing a total of six weekly quests means leveling up to level 2 weekly bonus objectives and therefore more XP for your troubles. You can easily find them in your quests tabs in Fortnite’s main menu, so always keep an eye out for what you’ll need to do to progress.

Of course, the weekly quests are a bit more complicated than the daily challenges and will force you to step out of your comfort zone more often than not. They can be related to guns, reach a location with a certain type of vehicle, etc.

Complete Fortnite Milestones

Finally, there are milestones. They’re simply trackers that will reward you based on your progress, but aren’t time-sensitive things like weekly quests or daily challenges.

Think of them as extra bonuses on top of XP you win by simply playing the game. A sample milestone, which you can also view in the Quests tab of the Fortnite menu, deals 10,000 damage to opponents.

Each milestone has 20 stages to complete, each awarding 5,000 XP. Completing enough of them will also give you a bonus stage objective. The bronze punch card will reward you with 40,000 XP for completing 20 milestones and will upgrade you to the silver tier where more XP awaits

If you’re new to the world of Fortnite, we hope this refresher on how to earn XP fast helps you complete your Battle Pass. You don’t want to miss out on all these great rewards!

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