Hurry up, this video game from one of the best series in history is free

Jason Filankembo

Don’t miss this free game, taken from one of the best series in history. We explain how to recover it.

Games from TV series, necessarily bad?

Very good video games adapted from television series are not very numerous. We can even say that some are a little ashamed of the show from which they come. Remember the disaster Prison Break: The Conspiracy released in 2010.

Counter-examples obviously exist, The Walking Dead at South Park via The Simpsons. We are going to introduce you to another title from a series that could be of great interest to you. Especially when talking about a of the best series of all timenamely Game of Thrones, whose spin-off will be released in August 2022.

A free Game of Thrones game for a limited time

Did you like Game of Thrones? You have every reason to be interested in the next free game from the Epic Games Store. From June 23 to 29, the online store gives you the opportunity to add for free A Game of Thrones: The Board Game at your library. The game is clearly not intended for the general public: as its name suggests, it is a board game where strategy is the key word.

The goal? Expand your confidence and conquer the territories of Westeros. A game that will necessarily speak to fans of the series. Unfortunately, few adaptations of Game of Thrones exist in video games, so it’s already something to get your teeth into. Especially when you can try it for free. To download before June 29, waiting for Netmarble’s open-world game.

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