If you block in Elden Ring, this weapon can save your life

Elden Ring has a huge number of weapons. Each has its own strengths, but there’s one that can really make your life easier when facing the adventure’s toughest bosses. In our opinion, this is the best weapon in the game.

Elden Ring, a variety of weapons that pleases

Generosity, a term that perfectly defines Elden Ring, the jewel of From Software. At all levels, the game is immensity. Lots of areas, bosses, NPCs, secrets and of course, weapons. In Elden Ring, the categories of weapons are extremely numerous, from the katana to the dagger, passing through the swords and the staffs for casting spells.

Each category has its own qualities. Colossal swords, for example, are very powerful. One of them can really help you overcome the most difficult obstacles. This is the Great Swordfish, Guts’ weapon in Berserk.

The Great Swordfish, the best weapon in Elden Ring?

Why is the Great Greatsword a better weapon than other swords in its class? Quite simply because the blade is the largest. In fact, it’s even one of the weapons with the longest reach in the game, along with the Hand of Malenia and Nagakiba, two very good katanas. Of course, spears and great spears also have a nice reach, but you’ll see why we think the Great Greatsword is much more formidable against the tough bosses of Elden Ring.

Already, for its power. With a strength build, the weapon is extremely powerful. It will allow you to easily break the guard of enemies and even the most powerful bosses like Malenia or end bosses. Its range also allows you to maintain a certain distance with your opponents. With the right Ashes of War, like Lion’s Claw, you can swoop down on your enemies extremely quickly and land a blow that has a high chance of breaking your guard, again.

Note that the classic attacks of the weapon are horizontal, which also allows you to face several enemies at the same time (or to easily reach the most mobile enemies), another very good point. You have to learn to master it, in particular to properly assess the distance at which you can launch your attack, the weapon being quite slow. But the Great Swordfish can clearly make certain passages less complicated for you. Thanks Guts.

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