Justin Williams Explains Why The World Is Going Crazy About Cryptocurrency


By Deepak Jain

Published: Fri 24 Jun 2022, 15:27

Early crypto investors were attracted by the lure of decentralization. No financial institution, government or private organization controlled this new money – it belonged to the people. Today, many bigwigs are calling crypto a game changer, and just as many people are calling their bluff. Despite the recent crypto crash and burn, investor Justin Williams shows continued faith in the digital currency. In an exclusive chat, he deconstructs the magnetism of crypto and explains why it’s here to stay.

Williams says crypto is the style statement of the next generation. Before, people had bags and shoes to feel cool. Today they have crypto. Fueled by social media, primarily TikTok, Twitter, and Reddit, the currency has become the new hip scene. All over the world, millennials are clamoring to be part of this world. The same social media also fuels their fear of missing out (FOMO) – no one likes to feel left out of a good party. Crypto is the “happy birthday” of cool kids.

It’s no secret that cryptocurrency is highly volatile. It’s an absolute roller coaster ride, and it’s exactly the kind of thrill that gets youngsters hooked. Crypto, relentlessly changing all the time, keeps investors on their toes and throws a new challenge at every second. While that may seem exhausting to some, Williams says that’s what attracts a lot of people.

But crypto is serious business. And there are hundreds of well-researched investors like Williams backing digital currency. What keeps them loyal are faster, safer and cheaper cross-border transactions, the lack of money-hungry middlemen and better control over their money.

“Crypto is the common man’s powerful new weapon. Handle it well and you conquer the world,” says Williams. Metaverse, the world of virtual reality, uses crypto as currency. This new world, led by tycoon Mark Zuckerberg, is growing at a staggering rate. Justin Bieber played to sold-out houses and fans from all over the world were able to attend. How? The artist rented and played in an arena – in the metaverse. He paid real (digital) money, and lots of it, to rent digital space for a few hours.

Presenting a long list of companies now accepting crypto as currency, Williams makes the case for its legitimacy. This new digital currency is everywhere, and judging by its huge number of loyal fans, it’s here to stay.

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