Kaede to Suzu is already the highest rated adult anime on MyAnimeList

Senior manga author “Kyokucho (き)” has posted an update on Twitter. Which reveals that her doujinshi Kaede adaptation of the Suzu anime is ranked #1 for adults on the MyAnimeList platform. Ahead of works like Imaizumin Chi wa Douyara Gal. no Tamariba ni Natteru Rashii (Imaizumi’s residence became a girls’ hangout for a reason), Master Piece The Animation and Garden: Takamine-ke no Nirinka – Animation.

The series maintains a score of 7.80 out of 1,900 reviews. Followed by Imaizumin Chi wayara Gal no Tamariba ni Natteru Rashii with 7.79 points out of more than 6,700 reviews. The difference is noticeable in the number of evaluations, but it should be noted that there is no bad intention (putting ten points or intention). So it can be said that the consumer community can be of this “angrier” type.

MyAnimeList, GamersRD

Secondly. The first OVA was released on March 25 in Japan, and was produced by Pink Pineapple’s Studio 1st. The production of the second volume has been confirmed and the summary of the first volume is written:

  • [Historia 1] One day after class, Kaede, the student council president, and Hayato, the secretary, are summoned to the student council room by Suzu, Kaede’s twin sister. Kaede is curious about a mysterious box on her desk, and when she reaches into it, her hands are held…
  • [Historia 2] Today is the day of the cultural festival. The protagonist’s class decides to have a maid cafe, and the girls dressed in maid uniforms are very active. Of course, his partner Kaede is no exception, dressed as a maid and serving customers. Meanwhile, Suzu, who had come to visit in her maid outfit for some reason, offered me a mysterious switch. I flip the switch to test it and suddenly Kaede starts to squirm. Apparently there is a vibrator stuck in her pussy, what has gotten into these twins?

Kaede to Suzu, Gamers Rd

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