Keyboard and mouse combo support coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming is constantly evolving, and Microsoft has understood this well. After making xCloud available on Android, the remote game service has arrived on the internet browser, via the Xbox application on PC and now even on our consoles. If more than a hundred games offer touch controls, however, you need a controller to take advantage of the majority of them.

Keyboard/Mouse on Cloud Gaming? Development is ongoing

In a long video dedicated to developers interested in Cloud Gaming, the Microsoft teams returned to many very technical subjects. However, one of them should be of great interest to players, in the sequence that you can find below:

So it’s official: Microsoft and Xbox are working to enable keyboard and mouse use when players play a compatible game on Xbox Cloud Gaming. It could also make it possible, let’s imagine, to offer PC games in the future that do not have controls via a controller. While some games on Xbox consoles already offer the use of these tools, Xbox is asking developers to add this possibility to allow more and more players to access their favorite titles and play them as they please when this feature is available. deployed.

What do you think of the arrival of this feature? Did you know that some Xbox games were playable with a keyboard on our consoles?

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