Last Days of Lazarus is coming later this year to Xbox

The Romanian independent developer Grimtalin announces the arrival of Last Days of Lazarus end of 2022. Planned for Xbox One and Series X|S, it will be a puzzle/investigation game with a horrifying tendency. To discover it in pictures, its trailer is available below.

The story will put you in the shoes of Lazarus, who following the suicide of his mother, will return to live with his sister. But a curse seems to strike the family, which you will have to stop to ensure your future. Set in post-Soviet Romania, you will be immersed in local folklore. But also in the front row to see the supernatural facts that take place there! Last Days of Lazarus will contain violent and mature scenes, therefore reserved for an adult audience. It is scheduled for Steam tomorrow, where we can see the effectiveness of a title that looks very promising!

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