LG Unveils PuriCare AeroTower Fan, Combining Fan and Air Purification

LG has launched two PuriCare AeroTower fans in Taiwan, which combine air purification and fan functions to meet indoor air needs.

The wind leather machine adopts the Air Valley technology developed by LG, and uses the “Kanda effect” to blow the filtered clean air along the surface of the space, evenly and stably blowing it to every corner of the room, with a smart inverter motor, it is efficient, stable, power-saving and Quiet, with three airflow modes: one-way, wide-area, and circulating, which can provide different options for centralized air supply, wide-area air supply, or accelerated indoor circulation. The operating mode has 10 wind settings, automatic, Turbo and sleep, which can be adjusted according to personal preferences ;Diffusion technology through Air Guard deflector sends the filtered clean air upwards and outwards to ensure the best indoor air quality throughout the year.

The body design of the wind leather machine is also very unique. The cylindrical streamlined body with 3D blades and porous airflow paths reduces the operating noise to a minimum of 23 decibels, creating a quieter and more comfortable sleeping environment.

LG Unveils PuriCare AeroTower Fan, Combining Fan and Air Purification

In addition, the PuriCare AeroTower fan has been certified by an international authoritative testing agency and tested by the IBR laboratory, which can effectively improve indoor air quality. Through a three-stage filtration system, the first layer of hair-specific filter first filters large particles and hair, and then the second layer of HEPA filter filters 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, and the third layer of activated carbon filter can remove odor and dust. and chemicals in the air; in addition, combined with LG UVnano technology, it can effectively remove 99.9% of the bacteria attached to the fan, and the protection effect is more comprehensive. The whole series of built-in WiFi functions can be used at any time through LG’s exclusive ThinQ mobile app. Remote control anywhere.

The LG PuriCare AeroTower FS151PSF0 and FS151PBD0 are now available in Taiwan, priced from RMB 24,900, with a two-year full-machine and ten-year motor warranty.

LG Unveils PuriCare AeroTower Fan, Combining Fan and Air Purification

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