Light Generation 500M discount is no longer hidden!Apply for 500M before the end of the year as long as 1,099 yuan, 1G price is also reduced

Users who have not kept up with Chunghwa Telecom’s “1099 Rebellion” in early June, do not need to look for the “hidden version” discount plan anymore. Chunghwa Telecom has submitted it to the NCC for approval, and officially launched the promotion plan of the Optical Generation Network, and there are three transmission plans. Rates are optional, 300M/100M, 500M/250M, and 1G/600M. Among them, the 500M/250M plan with the highest discount is only 1,099 yuan, and the 1GB/600M plan also welcomes a price reduction.

The promotion plan of Light Generation is limited to non-fixed IP. The period is from June 30, 2022, the end date is December 30, and the contract period is 24 months. Any new application, original speed renewal, or speed increase can be accepted. apply. However, in the hidden version of the plan in early June, there is a Wi-Fi whole house discount, but the current discount plan does not provide this discount. But judging from the original price of 1,799 yuan for 500M/250M, this wave of price reduction is only 1,099 yuan, which is even only 100 yuan more expensive than 300M/100M, which is quite favorable and suitable for users with high-speed Internet access.

Light Generation (non-fixed system) promotion plan

Transmission rate




Circuit monthly fee

519 yuan

572 yuan

943 yuan

Internet monthly fee

480 yuan

527 yuan

756 yuan


999 yuan


1,699 yuan

In addition, before applying for this wave of preferential plans, it is recommended to go to the “Inquire about the applicable network speed” webpage provided by Chunghwa Telecom to check whether the corresponding speed is available in your area, and the bandwidth of more than 500M is very important for routers, network The specifications of road equipment are relatively high, and hardware equipment must be evaluated before bidding to truly enjoy high-speed Internet access.

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