Lonely Mountains: Downhill gets a new free expansion

A real breath of fresh air for all speedrunners who have gone back and forth and through all the episodes of the series Trials, Lonely Mountains: Downhill is no less demanding when it comes to tickling the clock. Released yesterday by the studio, a brand new free extension called “MistyPeak” comes to enlarge a little more the universe of the title of Megagon Industries.

The concept is simple. You, a bike, a mountain and one goal, to get to the bottom as fast as possible. Of course avoiding the falls and all the trees along the way. Sorry to spoil the surprise for you, but you will rarely succeed. While it is easy to access and has beautiful, colorful graphics all over the edges, you will still have to fight if you want to complete the many challenges that offers the title.

As long as you have succeeded, today is a new challenge that awaits you on the paths strewn with pitfalls of another face of Graterhorn, one of the mountains offered in the game.

Misty Peak expansion trailer:

On the program, several new tracks, new missions and a series of cosmetic elements to dress up your rider or customize your bikes. With a little research, you can also discover two new observation areas to relax. What makes you want to go back?

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