Marvel Has Introduced The First Gay Spider-Man, Just In Time For LGBT Pride Month

Comic book publishers like Marvel have been stepping up their game for the month of Pride more and more as the years go by; Now Marvel has announced its first gay spider-man: Web-Weaver.

The new character will debut in Edge of Spider-Verse #5 September from Dan Slott, Steve Foxe, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, Bob MacLeod and more.

Co-created by Steven Foxe and Kris Anka; the new spider hero is just one of several to be introduced to fans this fall ahead of the event series The End of Spider-Verse by Dan Slott.

Sharing the news via Twitter, writer Steve Foxe gave fans a sneak peek via a cover ad and a brief take on the dubbed gay spider hero. Web-Weaver.

“A not-so-affable fashion designer at Van Dyne gets spider powers and shows us a very different kind of Spider-Slayer,” is the tagline that describes Web Weaver.

If the puns of “Web-Weaver” they weren’t enough for fans to know that the hero is part of the community LGBTQ+, Foxe then retweeted a post by artist Josh Cornillion about his excitement over Foxe co-creating the “gay spider.”

Foxe’s ad cover for Edge of Spider-Verse #5 by artist Josemaría Casanovas reveals a first look at the yellow and black suit of Web-Weaver along with fellow newcomer Hunter-Spider.

Since the introduction of Spider-Verse during Dan Slott’s epic run in Amazing Spider-Manthe spider multiversal variant community has become more diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, ability, age Y gender.

That’s what makes the news about Web-Weaver be relevant, (apparently). In addition, it is necessary to mention that the creators Steve Foxe and Kris Anka are part of the community LGBTQ+, so it makes sense that they created the first gay Spider-Man of Marvel.

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