Meta, Microsoft, Epic Games and others team up to create the ‘http’ of the metaverse

Although much is said about the metaverse, few actually “live” in the immersive digital environment. That’s because there is a problem that is pointed out by experts about the metaverse: the “standard” for immersive universes.

By default, the example of https is understood, which is a protocol used by all current websites. This standard allows the user to navigate from one site to another using the same browser.

Now, this same pattern is intended to be built for the metaverse as well. The idea is that avatars can “navigate” between different worlds in this way. Now, to create this pattern, giants like Meta (formerly Facebook) and Microsoft are working together.

In addition to them, game developer Epic Games and IKEA have also teamed up with the idea of ​​creating a standard for the metaverse. The group’s goal is to “promote interoperability standards for an open metaverse.”

In this way, they want to allow users to interact with each other even if they are in different metaverses. So the group created a forum to discuss this pattern that will connect virtual worlds.

“The Forum will explore where the lack of interoperability is preventing the implantation of the metaverse”, highlighted the group.

Pattern for the metaverse

In addition, the group indicated that it wants to coordinate the work of the Standards Development Organizations (SDOs).

“So that it can be accelerated as they define and evolve as needed,” the organization said.

The note also says that the group is open to membership by any company, but at no extra cost. In addition, the forum said it will focus on implementation prototypes, hackathons, plug-ins and open source tools. Forum meetings will begin in July.

The announcement of the creation of a standard for the metaverse comes just days after Jack Dorsey announced web 5.0. According to Dorsey, he intends to develop a new layer of the internet based on Bitcoin (BTC).

Dorsey’s proposal is to create a site that does not depend on intermediaries. In other words, it will be a network where users can interact without being manipulated by centralized entities as it is today.

“The network will allow the storage of data and identities, in addition to creating user experiences in decentralized applications”, said the creator of Twitter.

With that, Dorsey suggests that the metaverse could be as decentralized as Bitcoin, free of third-party control.

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