Minecraft Java and Bedrock will be combined into one

After a few years, Minecraft split into two different versions, the original Java version and the newer Bedrock version, and the two are now joining forces.

That’s according to a recent post on the Minecraft website, as spotted by PCGamesN. It appears that the Java and Bedrock editions of the game will be combined, bringing the two together in one purchase.

Conveniently named “Minecraft: Java and Bedrock Edition for PC,” it will eventually become the “only offering” of the standard PC version of the game. For those who already own one version or the other, the post goes on to say that the other version will be offered to them for free.

Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition are essentially two versions of the same game. While the former is the original version, the latter was introduced in 2017, a few years after Microsoft purchased the game from Mojang, and was actually based on the mobile pocket edition of the game.

While offering the same experience, each version has a few differences, with Bedrock Edition trying to inject new ideas to perhaps give it a little more edge over the Java build.

For example, Minecraft Bedrock Edition comes with a hardcore mode, which allows players to have a much more challenging experience when playing the game. This version also features cross-play, where players can connect with others who are on a different platform.

However, the Java version seems to be more advantageous when it comes to performance, while Bedrock has been designed to be more stable, especially on low-end systems.

Minecraft is available now for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The Wild update is released on June 7.

Minecraft Java and Bedrock will be combined into one, GamersRD

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