Ms. Marvel has the lowest viewership of any MCU and Disney+ series

One of the new series Marvel Studios/ Disney + is Ms Marvel, which has been having relative success with critics, but the series’ ratings are the lowest of any Marvel series on the streaming platform.

According to a new report from Samba TV, the first five days of Ms. Marvel were watched by 775,000 US householdseasily making it the lowest of any Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney+ series to date.

The 775,000 is a surprising drop from other titles, with the previous low being hawk eye, which still saw 1.5 million users tune in during the first five days of the series. It is still too early to give conclusive details, but at the moment it is the data that the series shows.

Ms Marvel is available on Streaming on Disney + and stars Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan.

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