MultiVersus: The open beta will have several new characters, not yet announced

Upcoming MultiVersus Open Beta Will Have Several New Playable Characters

The latest big news Multi Versus is that its open beta will take place in July and that the Giant of iron will be one of the included characters.

It was assumed no other characters would be added with the open beta considering no others have been announced yet; but the game director has confirmed that there will be a few more.

On Twitter, the director of MultiVersus, Tony Huynh regularly answers questions about the game and acknowledges requests from fans.

In this case, a fan asked if Iron Giant will be the only new playable character included in the game’s upcoming open beta; or if there will be some more characters. Although Huynh didn’t say how many, he did confirm that the open beta will have multiple new playable characters.

Huynh said, “Yes, more characters will come. I’m really excited too!” and confirmed that the open beta will have at least two more new characters than the closed beta.

They could end up being more than two, but Huynh’s use of “characters” makes it clear that at least The Iron Giant he is not the only fighter to be added in the beta.

As for who those characters might end up being, there is some guesswork thanks to various datamines that have been carried out in recent months.

Two that seem very likely are Rick Y Lebron Jamesas the most recent data mine has revealed that the data for all the moves and cosmetics of Rick are currently in the game.

LeBron seems to be another likely candidate to appear in-game for the open beta; as the data miners were also able to find a lot of his voice lines and an item that seems to be related to his move set, implying that he’s almost done.

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