New PS Plus: some classic games are based on the PAL version and are slower

There was a time when some PAL games performed worse than their American and Japanese counterparts. An example of this is Final Fantasy X, with black stripes, a flattened image and notably slower than the rest of the releases. Everything seems to indicate that this spirit that we miss so little will be back in some of the PlayStation classics that are operational as part of the Premium subscription of the new PS Plus, available from June 22 in Spain.

The revamped service has just begun its Asian market journey, so details have started to emerge. PS Store Indonesia has revealed that Ape Escape (PSX) is based on the PAL version, as the Sony Computer Entertainment Europe logo appears and not Japan or the United States. Instead of running at 30 FPS, it runs at 25 FPS.

More PAL games on the new PS Plus

VGC has verified that other classics like Everybody’s Golf, Wild Arms, Jumping Flash or Kurushi are also based on the European version, which carries the same issues of yesteryear. And to that we must add the games of Worms, World Party or Amageddon. However, Tekken 2, Siphon Filter, Abe’s Oddysee and Mr. Driller are emulated on the NTSC version.

Although the PAL format is used in Indonesia, VGC has also confirmed that these games are also European in Taiwan, a region that uses the NTSC video format, suggesting that this situation is possible in all markets. Anyway, as of now, there is no official confirmation from Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The PAL format has been commonly used in territories such as Europe or Australia. The difference from the NTSC format is that the latter operates at 60hz, while PAL operates at 50hz. This results in slower games or the addition of black bands at the top and bottom of the screen.

Take a look at the different subscription options for the new PS Plus here. New PlayStation and PSP classics have recently been confirmed.

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