Ninja Explains Why New Streamers Shouldn’t Play Fortnite Or Other ‘Big’ Games

Streaming star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has offered some advice for up-and-coming streamers, explaining why they shouldn’t try playing popular games like Fortnite just yet.

As streaming has become a legitimate career over the past few years, many people have thrown themselves headlong into starting a Twitch and YouTube channel in hopes of achieving massive success.

While the majority of streamers won’t replicate what Ninja, xQc, Valkyrae, and Pokimane have done, there is a place for most – provided you can find your niche.


Even if you have really good skills in a game like Fortnite or Warzone, Ninja urged budding streamers not to immediately dive into the bigger categories.


Ninja has over 17 million subscribers on Twitch.

The Twitch star, who has once again dominated Fortnite since the Chapter 3 update, offered some advice for new streamers, including how they should get started.

“Unless you’re one of the best players in the game, when you start streaming and try to build a brand from scratch, it’s important to start with a smaller game that has a smaller community and more tight-knit,” he told GameSpot.

Ninja noted that this path will prevent new streamers from getting “buried” on the game’s directory page, especially if it’s as popular as something like Fortnite. “You can work on building your community, and you’re much more detectable in a small game,” he added.

While this may seem like simple advice, it’s something that many streamers still don’t follow. Just browse the Fortnite, Warzone, and Valorant pages on Twitch and you’ll find plenty of talented players without spectators.

Sure, you can hold your own and prove yourself in just about any game, but that hard work will pay off faster if you give yourself a better foundation to start with.

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