Notation Player Allows You To Visualize Music Notes And Read Lyrics

We like to try new music players because they all have something interesting to offer, even if the design is the only aspect. We’ve used several different music players over the years, but for the most part, switching back to VLC Media Player or even Windows Media Player tends to be the end result of the experience.

Nevertheless, we are still not going to end our search for the best music player. The last one we are about to examine is the one named after, Rating Reader. He’s not your usual player and probably the only one we’ve seen in a very long time.

Notation Reader for Windows PC


At first glance, it’s clear that Notation Player was not designed for the ordinary music listener. No sir, this is for those who have a deeper love for music. Those who study music and are able to read notes, they would probably have a field day with Notation Player.

We say this because it’s possible to play music and see the notes right before your eyes. It can also provide lyrics for some songs, so it’s a decent addition. Keep in mind that this thing doesn’t play MP3s or any other popular music formats. Only .ENVIRONMENT, .AUTO and .NOT are supported here.

To test the player, we had to search for a MIDI file online. If you ever wanted to know what the Sephiroth MIDI theme looks like in notes, now is your chance.

Now seeing the notes was quite impressive, although we barely understood what we were seeing. We are not music writers, so please follow us here.

Rating Reader

It is possible to study the notes while the music is playing, but most importantly, the notes can be printed out for later reference in a classroom or elsewhere. It’s quite interesting, and even though we didn’t leave this software with the need to learn how to create music, it makes us appreciate the creators even more because it’s not easy.

Finally, if you don’t know where to find the MIDI files, just click on Caseso what Download MIDI Files from the Internet. Your default web browser should now be up and running with a new web page.

Overall, Notation Player is not bad software. We didn’t get it much because of all the ratings, but we can see why others would.

Download Notation Player from the official site.


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