Nvidia raises the bar and introduces 500Hz gaming monitor alongside Asus

Among the various novelties of the Computex 2022 being held these days from Taipei, the new collaboration between Nvidia and Asus stands out in the gaming market, two companies specialized in the sector that have joined forces to create a monitor totally focused on Esports with an incredible refresh rate of 500Hz. It’s the so-called ASUS ROG Swift 500Hz and promises spectacular performance in games like Valorant, Overwtach or CS:GO, among others, where speed and responsiveness are vital.

Single specs for a single monitor

So the two companies collaborated to create the monitor with the highest screen refresh on the market, hardware, yes, specifically designed to deliver maximum performance in Esports, so it’s not an all-around monitor for most users.

So much so that it’s a 24-inch TN panel with “only” 1080p resolution; Only with this data many users would already get rid of it to enjoy video games in a more or less standard way. And it is that its particular characteristics are intended to get the most out of electronic sports, guaranteeing optimal performance in very specific circumstances.

Other specifications such as Nvidia Reflex Analyzer technology, which guarantees minimum latency using a compatible mouse and Nvidia GeForce graphics card, or the use of Nvidia G-SYNC Esports – a synchronization mode specially designed for electronic sports – complete a monitor that It will surely be the object of desire of the most advanced players.

At the moment there is no release date or official price, so we will have to wait to know all its details in full; although the thing promises.

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