Okami, Viewtiful Joe, and other forgotten Capcom IPs we’d like to revisit

The presentation of companies’ financial results is generally used to measure their intentions for the future. Capcom, an industry veteran where it exists, has a large portfolio of intellectual properties and something for everyone. However, many of these sagas lie fallow, awaiting a new opportunity that may (or may not) arise one day. During that meeting, shareholders asked if there were any plans to resurrect brands in lethargic sleepiness. The answer opens a small ray of hope, without mentioning any franchise in particular.

“We make our plans based on market demand data. Going forward, we will continue to take customer wishes into account as we refine our product line. “Resident Evil, Street Fighter or even Monster Hunter are brands that are more alive than ever. But what about those who disappeared without a trace? At Netcost, we remembered those left behind, like Dino Crisis. And no, Exoprimal is betting on dinosaurs, but this online cooperative is a new IP and different from the classic.

One of the Viewtiful Joe series games.


Clover Studio closed and many of the developer’s creations left Capcom, including Hideki Kamiya, now at PlatinumGames. The director of Devil May Cry, Bayonetta and Wonderful 101 was also responsible for Okami, a beautiful video game with cell-shaded graphics that was once compared to The Legend of Zelda. Art in motion.

The player controls Amaterasu in his wolf form and is immersed in a colorful adventure. Despite the good reviews, Capcom was never encouraged to release a sequel. They saved it for a high-definition remaster, which is available for contemporary systems like PS4, Xbox One, PC, or Nintendo Switch (backwards compatible in next-gen).

Joe seeing it

Dead Phoenix fell from the Capcom Five, which never saw the light of day. The agreement between the Resident Evil company and Nintendo was to release five exclusive titles for the GameCube. In the end, this exclusivity was rather questionable (ahem, Resident Evil 4), since only PN03 remained only on the Mario machine. Viewtiful Joe, also from Clover Studio and Kamiya, is one such game worth mentioning.

Jumping, action, humor and charisma come together in a crazy action platformer that draws inspiration from the style of tokusatsu superhero comics to deploy bulletproof 2.5D gameplay . There was a conversion to PlayStation 2, a sequel and even a delivery for Nintendo DS and another for PSP. And that’s where things have remained to this day.

lost planet

Dead Rising and Lost Planet were two of the intellectual properties that were created on the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii generation. Both have made their way, especially the first, whose last installment dates back to 2016 (Dead Rising 4 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC). Lost Planet, for its part, received three deliveries before the saga was lost in the drawers of a dark Capcom office. In this proposal, the player was guided through inhospitable places filled with alien creatures. World exploration, grappling, strategy and cooperative play were some of the main features of this third person shooter. Overall, the third chapter was already showing signs of exhaustion, but the formula can always be revitalized with contemporary technology.

Lost PlanetCapcom

dinosaur crisis

The killer dinosaur stuff doesn’t just come from Jurassic Park or Turok, but also from one of Capcom’s most memorable sagas. Dino Crisis is another video game from Shinji Mikami, the creator of another of the most recognized survival horrors in history, Resident Evil. The first two games follow a similar style and feature action-based, exploration, and puzzle-solving gameplay. Regina, the protagonist, faces horrific creatures in enclosed environments such as laboratories or offices. The study managed to convey a feeling of claustrophobicness despite the technical limitations of the time.

With the more than questionable Dino Crisis 3 for Xbox, a trilogy has come to an end on which Capcom has not yet returned. Who knows, maybe a Dead Space-style remake might come in handy. And looking at your own home, a rounder revamped version of Resident Evil Remake remains to be seen. A PlayStation 2 spin-off known as Dino Stalker was also released.

Dino Crisis, Capcom

Zack & Wiki

Many things can be said about the Wii, some positive and some less so, but what is certain is that Nintendo took a risk and tried to build a game experience different from its competitors of the time. , Xbox 360 and PS3. Some companies were limited to developing soulless ports of cross-platform products, but Capcom dared with a completely new and unique IP, Zack & Wiki.

Developed to take advantage of the quirks of the Wii Mote, this fun pirate-themed graphic adventure (yes, like Monkey Island) turned out to be a very clever piece of puzzle-solving in a variety of ways. Those hoping for a sequel continue to do so, as Capcom never picked up the brand. It would go perfectly on Nintendo Switch, but there’s no indication that the return is any closer than yesterday. We at Netcost give it a 9/10.

Zack & Wiki, Capcom

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