Omicron Case in Kerala 2021

Are you Curious to know about Omicron Case in Kerala 2021? After the arrival of Omicron in India, there are many states which have not been able to escape the new variant of this coronavirus from Omicron. There are some places in Kerala where Omicron cases have been seen. We have made a list in which “Omicron Cases in Kerala District Wise” and “Omicron Cases in Kerala Area Wise” have been told.

Omicron Case in Kerala 2021

Kerala is the most natural state of India, it is also called Greenland. Most of the people in Kerala are educated and in this state, 3.46 crore positive coronavirus has been found, so far 4.7 lakh deaths have taken place in it.

The danger of Omicron has increased in Kerala, so meanwhile, there are many districts that have come under the grip of Omicron. A lot of cases have also been seen in Uttar Pradesh.

Omicron Cases in Kerala District Wise

Districts of KeralaOmicron Case in KeralaNo Of Omicron Case
Alappuzha Omicron Case in Alappuzha No
Ernakulam Omicron Case in Ernakulam No
Idukki Omicron Case in Idukki No
Kannur Omicron Case in Kannur No
Kasaragod Omicron Case in Kasaragod No
Kollam Omicron Case in Kollam No
Kottayam Omicron Case in Kottayam No
Kozhikode Omicron Case in Kozhikode No
Malappuram Omicron Case in Malappuram No
Palakkad Omicron Case in Palakkad No
Pathanamthitta Omicron Case in Pathanamthitta No
Thiruvananthapuram Omicron Case in Thiruvananthapuram No
Thrissur Omicron Case in Thrissur No
Wayanad Omicron Case in Wayanad No

Soon this information will be updated.

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