One Piece Red Features Shanks’ Daughter Uta In New Trailer

The upcoming ONE PIECE FILM RED has unveiled a new trailer which introduces a new character, Uta. Uta was previously shown in a visual, but now it’s been revealed that she’s actually Shanks’ daughter. The film is set to be released on August 6 in Japan, with international release dates still pending.

Toei Animation describes the plot as follows:
Uta is the most beloved singer in the world. Her voice, which hides her true identity, has been described as otherworldly. She will appear in public for the first time during a live concert. The place is full of all kinds of Uta fans. From the excited pirates to the navy watching closely and the Straw Hats who came to enjoy his performance. His resounding voice is about to fill the whole world.


The film crew includes:

  • Original Creator / General Producer: Eiichiro Oda
  • Director: Goro Taniguchi
  • Screenplay: Tsutomu Kuroiwa
  • Character Design/Chief Animation Director: Masayuki Sato
  • Artistic Director: Hiroshi Kato
  • Color Designer: Sayoko Yokoyama
  • Director of photography: Tsunetaka Ema
  • General Manager: Kentaro Kawasaki

Along with the new trailer, One Piece Film Red also revealed character visuals for the Straw Hats. Luffy’s design was revealed on April 3, while the rest of the crew now have their own:

The One Piece anime also continues on April 17, after a hiatus caused by the Toei Animation hacking incident.

Source: Toei Animation TwitterOfficial One Piece YouTube Channel
©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Fuji Television Network/Toei Animation

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