Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open announced for Xbox

Publisher Chorus Worldwide announces the arrival of Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open for the beginning of 2023. Planned for Xbox One and Series X | S, this game will be the new part of an anthology started on PC in 2020. This will be the first to appear on consoles, and still based on Malaysian folklore. Its trailer can be seen below.

This third-person game will take place in the early 2000s in Malaysia. In the skin of the young Ting, aged 5, we will have to help her fight her demons, and control her power. The developer, Cellar Vault Games, presents its title as an atypical adventure, strongly rooted in local culture. Equipped with a multitude of places to visit, characters to meet, but also puzzles to solve, it is above all its visuals that are striking. Presented as a “paper theatre”, its protagonists turn out to be one-dimensional, and clearly very different from what the video game industry usually offers us!

This Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open seems really original… And will find its audience, without a shadow of a doubt!

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