Please note that you will no longer be able to play Overwatch from this date.

Enjoy your final moments in Overwatch 1, as this version of the game will simply disappear and no longer be playable.

What future for the original 2016 game?

Until now, doubt was still allowed on the future of Overwatch 1 with this legitimate question that resounded in the heads of the players : to what extent Overwatch 2 would it impact the first version?

If you thought that Overwatch 2 was going to simply replace the first game of 2016… well you were absolutely right. After 7 years of good and loyal service, the original version of Overwatch will bid farewell, giving way to the second opus from next october 4.

Overwatch 2 replaces the original game

This news is official and has been confirmed by one of the members of the development team of Overwatch 2, during a FAQ conducted on Reddit on June 22. Thus, j-specs responds to a user who wonders about the future of the basic game. Is Overwatch 2 Was it going to just replace the PvP part, or just stop the original game altogether?

The developer’s response leaves no room for doubt, the original game will disappear in favor of the new opus: “when OW2 launches on October 4, it will replace the current Live service”. An announcement that does not, however, correspond to the line that former designer and project manager Jeff Kaplan had set for himself, who declared in 2019 that the two games would have a “shared multiplayer environment”.

Will progress be lost?

Players rest assured, all your progress should be saved and carried over to the new version of the game. Regarding loot boxes, the system will be changed as explained by j-scpecs on Reddit

To give you a quick answer now, these existing currencies (Credits, OWL Tokens, and Competitive Points) will come with you in Overwatch 2. We are not transferring loot boxes into Overwatch 2, and prior to launch, all unopened loot boxes will be automatically with your account receiving all the content directly. OW1 Credits come with you in OW2, but our new virtual currency will be the main currency, and there will be things in OW2 that cannot be purchased with these OW1 Credits.

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