PS5: compatible SSDs, best SSDs to increase storage and installation tutorial

With heavy games and a 600GB hard drive of free space, the PS5 suffers from a lack of storage. Here’s how to install an external SSD as well as the best models available today!

When the PS5 released in late 2020, Sony warned that disk space would be limited. An additional port was present on the machine, but it was not yet functional…

Today however, with the update of the firmware of the Playstation 5, increase storage space is supported and here’s how to do it! While waiting for the arrival of the PS5 Pro and more space, you have to be cunning and buy additional support…

Which external SSD or HDD for the PS5?

Many models are available now, which all meet the criteria required by Sony: minimum 250 GB, maximum 8 TB. In terms of speed, you must necessarily be on “SuperSpeed ​​USB 5 Gbit/s” at leasti.e. USB 3.0.

Check where you plug it in too: on the back of the console, the two USB ports are “USB-A Superspeed 10 Gb/s” and that’s where you’ll have to plug in your bonus storage. At the front, the USB-C port is also in “SuperSpeed ​​10 Gb / s” while the last USB-1 port is not compatible.

Short, here are the best external SSD and HDD models for your PS5 !


Best External SSD and HDD for Playstation 5

  • WD_Black 1TB: a slightly expensive SSD but one of the best on the market. Resistant, offering a good storage capacity of 1 TB and with a beautiful design, it is a choice that is essential for all owners of a PS5. Know that it is available in several sizes, from 500 GB to 8 TB, and that it is the best model currently.
  • WD My Passport 1TB SSD: excellent little portable SSD, it is quite affordable and offers great performance. Also available in several capacities, it is from the same brand as the model above and apart from the design, the two share the same characteristics.
  • SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD: note that this model costs less than the others but that its performance is just as good, with the added bonus of certifications as to its resistance to water and dust!
  • Samsung Portable SSD T5 : available in 500 GB at a very good price, it is undeniably the best value for money on this list. Sure value, this portable SSD has slightly lower speeds than previous models, but that will hardly change anything on the copying of PS4 and PS5 games.

Here are some models, all tested and approved by the gaming community. Note several points, however, including thatunable to launch game from external ssd. The games indeed use the internal SSD of the machine. An external hard drive therefore allows you to save your library and interchange the titles stored between the PS5 and external storage, but not to play.


How to install an SSD in your PS5?

To take advantage of the performance of your external hard drive, you will first need a size 1 Phillips screwdriver and check that your PlayStation 5 has been correctly updated before turning it off. After unplugging the console, check to see if your external hard drive came with a heatsink. If not, you will need to install it on your SSD.

This done (it’s rather instinctive), you can proceed to open your console – a phase less scary than it looks. To start, you will have to be sure to remove the removable foot from the PS5. When this is done, place the machine horizontally, taking care place the side that does not have the PlayStation logo in front of you.

To remove, lift the lower right corner of the console and pull outward. It is recommended to use two hands in opposition. With a little force, the cover should come off slightly, revealing the chassis with the fan and some air holes.

The slot for the SSD is under the gray and slender metal plate. Once removed by removing the small screw, the connector becomes visible. Before inserting your SSD, taking care to place the heat sink on the outside, you will need to unscrew a second screw with a metal ring to keep carefully afterwards, as it will be used to hold the external hard drive in place. By pressing down a bit in the port, you should feel the SSD snap into the connector, meaning it’s seated properly.

All you have to do is screw in the screw that went with the metal ring, in the location that corresponds to the size of your SSD. You can then proceed with the reverse operation: close the metal plate by placing the small element that goes with the screw, then put the cover back in place using a little elbow grease.

Click on the image to discover this 1TB SSD compatible with the PS5 from Western Digital Amazon

Play a PS5 game from an external hard drive or external SSD

Despite several announcements going in this direction, it is currently not possible launch a PS5 game from an external SSD. The reason is simple: some game features are dependent on super-fast console storage. As for the second port internal to the machine, which would easily accommodate a new secondary internal SSD, it is not yet activated. However, the brand Western Digital already has a first model that it ensures is compatible, and which has been converted into an external SSD (the first in the list above).

At last, be aware that it is possible to play a PS4 game on PS5 by installing the PS4 game on an external hard drive, it can be launched from the external HDD or SSD without worries! You know all about PS5 SSDs and their importance. Sony’s console still has a lot of surprises in store for us, so now discover the best headsets on PS4 and PS5. With an SSD and a quality headset, you are now ready to enjoy the most beautiful games on the PS5.

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