PS5 Slim is already a reality thanks to a fan, it’s tiny and works like a charm

YouTuber Matthew Perks, from the DIY Perks channel (which has nearly 4 million subscribers), beat out Sony and made the first PlayStation 5 redesign himself. A spectacular Slim version that reduces the volume of the current hulk until it barely exceeds 1.9 centimeters in thickness. Of course, the process wasn’t exactly easy.

DIY Perks had to remove the power supply and the cooling system, replacing them with two local alternatives which it integrates into an external box which it hides behind the TV. But despite the issues, its PS5 Slim works like a charm even with demanding games like Horizon Forbidden West. Don’t miss it:

PS5 and stock issues

As much as we love its Slim version, we’re sure you can buy a normal PlayStation 5 without a problem. The microprocessor crisis and the lack of PS5 and Xbox Series stock (there will be no consoles until 2024) have caused this generation to have a seized engine and started to trance.

Most developers prefer their games to be released on all possible platforms, new or old, and you get used to cross-generational projects that don’t fully exploit the technological potential of machines. There are even those who have lost faith and already think that there is not much room for improvement graphically. Ha! These days, the tech demos keep popping up on what we’ve seen and it’s as exciting as it is heartbreaking to know it’s not happening. Spiderman in Unreal Engine 5, Cyberpunk with future graphics…etc.

Many studios have also come to the fore to clarify the situation and explain why delaying a game to 2022 is easier than ever and to clarify that no, it’s not all about covid. There are plenty of other reasons behind the delays to 2023. But the conclusions of the two articles we linked to are clear: the delays are not a problem that will go away.

PS5 slim

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