PUBG Teases New Map, Sounds Of D, With Intriguing Video


PUBG Corporation has announced a brand new map for players of the game called Sounds of D. The map, which was announced on June 20, has yet to be released and we have only received a small preview of it.


In announcing the map, PUBG Corp. called it “Sounds of D_ _ _ _ _”. The full name should be revealed with the next update.


New PUBG Map: Sons of D?

A video of the new map has been posted on the official PUBG YouTube channel, but only offers an audio hint as to what the map might be. The video encourages users to listen with headphones for the best experience.

Many might think these are sound effects, but also, the team mentioned that this is a new map that will be released soon. It’s believed the new map will be revealed on Friday, June 24, although we don’t have confirmation.

The emphasis on sound in the video suggests that the update will not only introduce a new map, but improve many aspects of the game, including sound quality and effects.

SciSuggest mentioned the expectations players might have in the next update. These expectations are:

  • Improved graphics
  • Improved game
  • Better sound quality
  • A new map
  • New weapons
  • Maybe a new weapon for the driver

The announcement prompted a variety of comments from the community on the Twitter era of PUBG Corp. While some appreciate the fuzziness and mystery of the teaser, some are also disappointed that the trailer didn’t reveal anything other than the name.

The name of the card is Sounds of D_ _ _ _ _, which means the full name has yet to be revealed. There is no official announcement yet, but it will surely be announced in the coming times. We’ll be sure to let you know when the new card is removed.

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