Quanlian, 7-11, Kang Shimei and Watsons are selling saliva quick screening!Antigen Quick Screening is not limited to the number of purchased doses, and the information can be viewed at a time

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has arranged for the four major supermarkets of Beibeijitao, as well as some retail channels, to sell quick screening reagents. The price of each dose is 180 yuan, and each person is limited to one dose.

quick saliva screening

Quanlian Welfare Center

Quanlian announced that, in addition to the “Abbott Household Novel Coronavirus Antigen Detection Kit 1” in all Taiwan’s drug dealer license stores, it will also start today (5/24) in all Taiwan stores (including outlying islands and Yihua East). Regions) have a drug dealer license, and began to sell “Fujimay Home Novel Coronavirus Saliva Antigen Rapid Test Kit 1” in succession. Each box is priced at 175 yuan. The first batch is limited to 51,840 boxes, while stocks last.

7-ELEVEN, Kang Shimei

7-ELEVEN and Kangshimei took advantage of integrated procurement and launched the “Fujimei Home New Crown Saliva Antigen Rapid Screening Agent” in the leading channel, which was purchased and sold in limited quantities. Various stores simultaneously sold a variety of rapid screening reagents, masks, alcohol With health care products, etc., build a convenient and safe epidemic prevention supply station closest to home.

7-ELEVEN announced on May 19 that in addition to the continuous sales in Beibeijitao stores, it will gradually expand to all stores from now on, and the overall sales volume will double. From now on, 7-ELEVEN has obtained a drug dealer license in more than 6,000 stores, and Kangshimei has about 400 stores. “Abbott Panbio Home Quick Screening Reagent Single Entry” is sold in limited quantities. The price of each dose is 180 yuan, and the purchase limit is limited to one person per day. One dose, while supplies last.

Kangshimei sells “Fujimei Home Novel Coronavirus Saliva Antigen Rapid Test Kit 5 Packs” in 30 designated stores in Shuangbei. Each store is limited to 20 boxes. Each box is priced at 875 yuan, and each person is limited to 1 box.

7-ELEVEN sales store inquiry

Kangshimei retail store inquiry


Rairford announced that starting from tomorrow (20th), it will start selling the “Fujimay Home Novel Coronavirus Saliva Antigen Rapid Test Kit” in nearly 1,500 stores in Taiwan with drug dealer licenses, according to the logistics arrival time of each store. “Single entry, limited to 30,000 copies in Taiwan, each dose is priced at 175 yuan, and each person is limited to 5 doses.


Watsons announced that the “Fujimay Household Novel Coronavirus Saliva Antigen Rapid Test Kit” will be available for purchase in 100 designated stores across Taiwan on 5/20 (Fri).

Tailong Hand Creation Museum

From now on, Tailong Hand Creation Center will sell “Fujimay Home Novel Coronavirus Saliva Antigen Rapid Screening Agent” in limited quantities in 10 stores in Taiwan. From 5/20 pm, Beijing Station stores will sell one group at a price of 189 yuan , Fuxing SOGO and Miramar stores sell five into the group, priced at 890 yuan, and the rest of the stores will be on sale one after another on 5/23. And continue to sell “Ruizheng Home-use New Coronary Pneumonia Antigen Rapid Detection Reagent (Nasal) 1 Entry”, and also introduced “Genebardi Home-use New Coronary Virus Antigen Rapid Screening Test Kit 2 Entry”, providing the public with a variety of choices.


In response to the policy of the command center, Bibian, a cross-border e-commerce surrogate purchasing agent under PChome, will now provide the service of purchasing quick screening reagents from the Amazon website in Japan. The hot-selling saliva quick screening reagents and nasopharyngeal quick screening reagents are a The 9 models are all delivered directly from Japan. According to government regulations, each person can only purchase quick screening reagents from overseas once, and the quantity must not exceed 100 doses. In response to the rush to buy, the public can seize the opportunity to purchase as soon as possible.

In addition, members who purchase Japanese rapid screening reagents on Bibian before June 15, regardless of the checkout amount, can enjoy a discount of 0 yuan for international air freight (only air freight orders, and the order must not contain other products), use PChome Register as a member, get 300 yen of shopping gold, and enjoy up to 4% rebate with Pi wallet credit card checkout

For more information and Japan’s Amazon website quick screening reagent purchasing service, click here

strawberry net

Hong Kong Strawberrynet has just put on the shelves on the 12th of this month and sold an average of 62 yuan of cheap quick screening reagents, which was instantly swept away and sold more than 30,000 sets. It also urgently put on the shelves HECIN and SKYPRO two novel coronavirus antigen quick screening reagents .

The rapid screening reagents were sold in four days, and 265,000 doses were immediately killed by Taiwanese people, which shows the huge demand for rapid screening reagents in Taiwan. Strawberrynet has also launched the “RAYCUS New Crown Oral Saliva Rapid Test Kit (Oral Type – Suitable for the Elderly and Children)” New Coronavirus Antigen Self-Test Kit, priced at NT$2400 for 20 pieces; and “BIOANTIBODY New Coronavirus Antigen” Rapid Test Kit (Oral Type-Suitable for Elderly and Children)”, 25 packs are priced at NT$2,999, and the average dose is only NT$110. Compared with the domestically sold $175, the price is quite reasonable. Arriving at home is very suitable for the urgent needs of the people during the epidemic.

In view of the surge in the number of confirmed cases of children and the elderly, it is not easy for parents to assist children to perform rapid screening for nasal viruses. The saliva-based rapid screening avoids the discomfort of deep throat extraction, which is especially suitable for the elderly and children. RAYCUS has passed ISO and EU CE certification. Can detect COVID-19 new coronavirus, Omicron, Delta and other known variants within 15 minutes. BIOANTIBODY also has EU CE certification and ISO certification.

In order to meet the needs of the public, from 5/13, two novel coronavirus antigen rapid screening reagents, HECIN and SKYPRO, will be available on Strawberry.com. A single dose of HECIN and SKYPRO rapid screening reagents is priced at NT$98, and a box of 5 doses of SKYPRO is priced at NT$499. However, the price of a box of 100 doses of the two reagents is 6,200 yuan, an average of 65 yuan per dose.

Antigen rapid screening

The Ministry of Economic Affairs issued a press release on the 24th stating that from now on, there will be stores in the four major supermarkets (Uni-President, FamilyMart, Lai Fu, OK) and the four major retail channels (Quanlian, Lianshe, Watsons, Kang Shimei) nationwide. Stores that sell a single dose of Abbott household quick-screening agent can purchase it according to actual needs, and no longer limit the purchase of one dose per person. The original regulation was to limit the purchase of one dose per person. Since the implementation, due to the increasing supply of supplies, as of May 23, there are still about 1.6 million doses of Abbott Rapid Screening reagents available for purchase in the eight channels.

Quanlian Welfare Center

From 10:00 a.m. on May 9th, the Quanlian Welfare Center has 383 stores in Beibeijitao with a drug dealer license, and they have successively launched the “Abbott Household New Coronavirus Antigen Detection Kit 1”, priced at 180 yuan, each The store is limited to 50 sets, and each person is limited to one set, while stocks last.


Family Mart Convenience Store has officially launched the government-supplied Abbott Antigen Self-Testing Quick Screener (Single Entry) at about 2,000 stores in the “Family Mart” North North Kitao area at 10:00 a.m. every day on May 9, priced at 180 People only need to buy at the counter of each store, and each person is limited to one per day. In addition, the quantity of quick screening reagents sold by each store will be determined according to the government’s allocation on that day, while stocks last.

7-ELEVEN, Kang Shimei

7-ELEVEN Beibeijitao has nearly 2,700 stores with a drug dealer license, and Kangshimei has 210 stores. From 10:00 a.m. on May 9th, “Abbott Panbio Home Quick Screening Reagent Single Entry” will be sold every day. The store is limited to 50 doses, each priced at 180 yuan, and each person is limited to one dose per day, while stocks last.


At present, there are three household rapid screening reagents for sale in Laierfumen, including the imported Roche household new coronavirus antigen self-test kit for household 5 entry, priced at 1,800 yuan and 1 entry, priced at 360 yuan, and Abbott Abbott Panbio Home Quick Screening Reagent 1 is included in the group, priced at 230 yuan. Roche’s home rapid screening reagents are still in stock in some stores, and Abbott Panbio home rapid screening reagents have been delivered to various stores one after another. The actual arrival situation is mainly based on the current situation of each store.


The drugstore Watsons announced that 14,000 copies of the “Abbott Household New Coronavirus Antigen Test Kit” will be put on the shelves on May 9. The price of each copy will be reduced to 180 yuan, and each person will be limited to one set. Each store will be based on actual conditions. Sales hours and arrival times.


The new brand of Carrefour rapid screening reagents has been added. In addition to the original Falvechuang 1 and 5 and Roche 5, Jiebaoding new crown antigen rapid screening reagent 2 has been added to the group, a group of 380, and an average dose of only 190 yuan. Jiebaoding New Crown Antigen Rapid Screening Reagent will arrive in 800 boxes tomorrow, and each person is limited to 2 boxes, while stocks last.

Jiebaoding COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Screening Reagent is sold in 35 stores across Taiwan in cooperation with Xindong Pharmacy, including Xindong, Hualien, Yilan, Luzhou, Danxin, Jingguo, Zhongli, Linkou, Neili, Zhongyuan, Qinghai , Chiayi, De’an, Douliu, Fengyuan, Nantou, Puli, Taiping, Wenxin, Shalu, Xitun, Changhua, Anping, Zhongzheng, Dingshan, Fengshan, Rende, Guanghua, Aihe, Nanzi, Pingtung , Wujia, Xinnan, Xinping, Success.

At present, Carrefour in Taiwan cooperates with 35 Xindong Pharmacies, 12 Dashu Pharmacies, and 1 Youquan Pharmacy, totaling 48. The quick screening reagents are supplied from time to time in various stores. It is recommended to inquire about the supply status of the branches first.

Tailong Hand Creation Museum

Tailong Hand Creation Center has introduced “Falwell Inventor’s Novel Coronavirus Antigen Rapid Screening Test Kit 1 Enrollment”, the first batch of 2,000 sets will be available for sale in 10 stores in Taiwan from now on, and the price of 1 entry is 230 Yuan, while stocks last. Sales outlets include: SOGO Fuxing Store, Jingzhan Store, Miramar Store, SOGO Tianmu Store, Banqiao Dayuan Store, SOGO Zhongli Store, Guangsan SOGO Store, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taichung Zhonggang Store, Taichung Dayuan Store, Hanshen Dome shop.

love to buy

iBuy Mass Market announced today that 10 branches north of Hsinchu will start selling Changxing Home Quick Screening Reagents from 5/5. It is the first sale in the mass market supermarket channel. Each box is priced at NT$180. Each store is limited to sell, and each person is limited to 2 box. The sales outlets include Keelung Store, Zhongxiao Store, Jingmei Store, Yonghe Store, Sanchong Store, Banqiao Nanya Store, Taoyuan Store, Yangmei Store, Hsinchu Store, and Jucheng Store.

Quick screening real-name system on the road

The domestic epidemic of COVID-19 is rapidly rising, and the public’s demand for household rapid screening reagents has increased. The Central Epidemic Command Center announced today (27) that the real-name system for the sale of household rapid screening reagents will be on the road from April 28, 2022. More people in need can buy affordable real-name household quick-screening reagents, stabilizing the price of commercially available household quick-screening reagents, in order to control the epidemic and safeguard the rights and interests of public health.

The command center stated that the implementation of the real-name system for household rapid screening reagents is as follows:

1. Sales model: Follow the mask real-name system 1.0 sales model in the pharmacy channel.

2. Sales locations: 4,909 health care pharmacies and 58 rural health centers nationwide.

3. Sales target: People who hold health insurance cards/residential cards; there is no age limit, everyone can buy.

4. Number of copies to be purchased: Each ID card number can only be purchased once in each round (can be purchased on behalf of others), and the date of the next round will be announced as the case may be. 1 serving of 5 doses, 100 yuan per dose.

5. Selling price: 5 doses for 1 person, a total of 500 yuan (medical materials are sold in principle, no return or exchange).

6. Diversion mechanism: According to the initial stage of the real-name mask system 1.0, the diversion is carried out by the odd and even numbers of the last number of the ID card number; odd numbers are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; even numbers are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday;

7. Number of copies sold: at least 50 million doses, 10 million copies (person-times).

8. Sales information inquiry: the official website of the National Health Insurance Administration, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Pharmacists Association.

In addition, the mask real-name system 1.0 was implemented from February 6, 2020, which lasted for more than 2 years. The first phase of the task will be completed on April 30 (most pharmacies will switch to the real-name system for selling rapid screening reagents), and will begin on May 1. People who buy masks under the real-name system should go to 145 pharmacies to buy them (the list of pharmacies can be found on the official website of the Food and Drug Administration).

Source: CDC

Find out where to buy quick sieve

As of March 26, 2022, the Central Epidemic Command Center has increased from 272 to 540 grass-roots designated clinics or health centers in 21 counties and cities across the country.

The command center reminds that the information about the clinics and designated institutions for nucleic acid testing for the distribution of public-funded household rapid screening reagents has been announced on the global information website of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. 19 The map of designated community clinics for household rapid screening reagents or the map of designated community collection and inspection institutes for COVID-19, for the convenience of the public.

In addition, you can also use the “epidemic prevention supply station” webpage developed by netizens. After entering the location, you can see the nearby supermarkets, supermarkets or drugstores and other channels, and whether there are quick screening reagents available for purchase.

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