Rainbow Six Siege presents its new season, Vector Glare

The quarterly meeting for fans of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege took place this weekend. On the occasion of the Six Major tournament which ended this Sunday, Ubisoft revealed as usual the content of its next season. “Vector Glare”, or Y7S2 (the second season of Year 7), will be coming to the game in a few weeks.

On the program, a new Operator and map, updates to gameplay, some advances in the fight against toxicity and new cosmetics.

But before even getting to the heart of the matter, a first announcement concerns the end of the year. In order to offer the most successful new map possible, the playground located in Singapore will ultimately not be released in the fall but for Season 4, in December.

Six likes Meaning

The last agent of Seat is at the center of the game’s narrative continuity. Ubisoft is creating more and more lore around its Operators and their various factions. But this has no effect (yet?) on the gameplay. Neon “Sens” Ngoma Mutombo is an Operator from Belgium and of Congolese descent. This attacker will represent the “Wolfguard” faction, led by the Frenchman Doc, and the second to be featured in the title after “Nighthaven”.

His unique skill will be to deploy walls of opaque light via a rolling gadget, the ROU. The device will make it possible to visually separate entire areas and will have the particularity of ricocheting off the walls. In addition, it will be bulletproof, but not resistant to explosives. The gadget will therefore be a tool of choice to camouflage various actions: an insertion, a retreat, a defuser pose, etc.

Among other weapons already known, Sens will be able to carry the new POF-9 automatic rifle, not very powerful but equipped with a very large magazine. He will also have access to a choice of claymores or heavy breach charges. Finally, to logically reinforce this firepower, the agent will be equipped with a large armor capacity, to the detriment of a low movement speed.


“Hell is other people.”

Here is the disappointment of the stage. Far from favoring the tactical and thoughtful approaches specific to the license, the new card does just the job it was created for: fostering kills. Indeed, “Huis-Clos” will arrive next season on the side of the Team Deathmatch.

The ground will be made of cramped prefabs, assembled in the open air and will not leave room for downtime. Nothing will happen there but a perpetual game of cat and mouse, in which life expectancy will not exceed a handful of seconds.

It will therefore be necessary to consider “Huis-Clos” as a new way of training to eliminate opponents, like the whole mode. But some probably won’t find the usual pleasure of Seat.

“What do you need ? – Weapons. Lots of weapons.”

Next, players will be able to continue with real exercises thanks to the brand new Shooting Range. This weapons training will have the advantage of offering all the characters and equipment of the game, even if they are not yet unlocked. It will analyze, among other things, damage, rate of fire, recoil, reload time, etc.

This could give some ideas for change to some. In effect, the game will now give the option to choose a sidearm from three choices for each agent. Until now, they had only one or two choices.

In addition, Operator Guides will be a whole new database of tips written and video to learn how to master each character. A welcome collection when you know that the Situations have been present since the release of Seat in 2015. Initially supposed to describe the use of each protagonist, they actually represent only ten of the existing sixty.

These three new features are aimed, among other things, at beginners: they will effectively offer them an easier handling of the title. In addition, Ubisoft continues to improve general accessibility. New colors will be added to those offered for aiming reticles, and this, primarily, for people with visual impairments. At last, an option will make it possible to attenuate or even deactivate the jolts linked to explosions in the game.


“Don’t you know you’re toxic?”

Toxic players are always at the center of Ubisoft’s concerns. On the long road to a healthier experience for everyone, the developer will focus on three things this season.

First of all, the friendly fire system will be improved so that a possible heavy penalty lasts beyond a single match. In this way, the studio hopes to discourage repeat players.

Later in the season, Ubisoft will implement for all players, the final version of the mode stream. This will allow content creators to protect their identity and experience during online games. The coming months will also see the match cancellation function gain in ergonomics and precision..

SEGA is stronger than your wallet

The final touch, as tradition dictates, is cosmetics. Japan is in the spotlight this time around. Specifically, Operators from the Land of the Rising Sun each gain a new appearance.

And for the occasion, Ubisoft has signed a new partnership, this time with SEGA. After tomb Raider and resident Evila third famous video game saga thus appears in Seat. Agents Hibana and Echo embody the characters of Kaoru Sayma and Kazuma Kiryu respectively, from the series of Yakuza. These elements are offered in a pack to unlock with 4080 R6 Credits, the equivalent of approximately 30€.

The latter will also receive a new Elite cosmetic set in the weeks that follow.

The new content offered is rather timid in this new season. For its part, the fight against toxicity is progressing, but only in small steps. “Vector Glare” appears as a transitional stage in this Year 7, with a view to more ambitious projects by the end of 2022. This is the price asked for by confidence in the promising announcements made during the previous meeting, last February. Always more patience therefore, but it is up to Ubisoft to ensure that it does not run out before time.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is still available in Game Pass, on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

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