“Red Heart” IMDb’s high score was selected as the most praised Korean drama in the first half of 2022

“Red Heart” was broadcast on Disney+, defeating many high-rated Korean dramas this year, and became the first place on IMDb’s list in the first half of 2022, with a score of 9 points.

“Red Heart” was broadcast on Disney+, defeating many high-rated Korean dramas this year, and became the first place on IMDb’s list in the first half of 2022, with a score of 9 points. Lee Joon, Kang Hanna and Jang Hyuk co-starred in the South Korean court sadomasochistic drama “Red Heart”, which is about to end. Lee Joon plays the fictional North Korean king Lee Tae, sandwiched between the ulterior motives of Zuo Yizheng Park Gyewon (Jang Hyuk) and the ambitious and lustful Wang Dafei (played by Park Jihyun), how to use strategies to eliminate political enemies one by one, but in front of Liu Zhen (played by Kang Hanna), who is the most beloved in his life, he hopes to show his pure and simple side, and only wants to sincerely love each other.

“Red Heart” is about to come to its finale next week. Li Tai, after being poisoned and being ruled by the concubine, finally escaped. He was determined to regain his throne and tried his best to summon all the ministers into the palace and ordered them to be To write down the list of treason, we still have to depose the concubine. In the previous episode, he was killed because of many heroes. Pu Guiyuan, who was furious for a while, became a prisoner. Forced by the situation, he decided to agree to Li Tai and help depose the concubine together, but Pu Guiyuan What is the purpose? Is he still waiting for the chance to fall in love with the imperial concubine? The three-way wrestling between Li Tai, Park Guiyuan and the concubine will be announced in the finale next week.

On the other hand, the most moving and tear-jerking love scene in “Red Heart” is also put to the test. Li Tai is afraid of losing Liu Zhen, who is his favorite in this life. As a reason, many powerful officials dare not act rashly, but Dongqin, the maid who Liu Zhen is very close to, sacrificed in this series of palace fights, which made Liu Zhen feel the pain of death, and Liu Zhen also found that her beloved Li Tai was not her. Thinking of the victims, causing a series of chaos, seems to be utterly disappointed in Li Tai, and can there be a happy ending between their hard-fought lovers?

In addition, although Li Tai and Liu Zhen had a touching moment of mutual confession, Li Tai spoke to Liu Zhen tenderly: “I used to be afraid of not being able to protect you, but now I am afraid of losing you.” Liu Zhen responded, “I am afraid of losing something because of my misjudgment. People, I’m afraid that person is His Royal Highness.” It also made the audience worry, will such a dialogue end tragically? “Red Heart” has recently become very popular on Twitter. Even when the hero and heroine Li Zhun and Jiang Hanna posted many behind-the-scenes photos on IG, many fans tried to find clues in each photo, guessing the possible ending. The topic of the show is very hot.

“Red Heart” is a historical drama depicting the Joseon Dynasty. Lee Joon, the actor of “Sea of ​​Tranquility” and “Unkillable: The Spirit of Eternal Life,” plays the Korean king Lee Tae, and “My Roommate is a Nine-Tailed Fox” actress Kang Han-na Yoo Jung, who plays Lee Tae’s taboo love interest, and Jang Hyuk, who has performed in “As I Said” and “My Country,” play the black-bellied Zuo Yizheng Park Kyu-won. The play is full of intrigue, betrayal and frame-up, and impossible choices, which definitely make the audience unable to stop watching. “Red Heart” is currently available on Disney+, updated every Monday and Tuesday at 10 pm, and will usher in a wonderful finale next week.

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