Repair Corrupt Outlook PST And OST Personal Data Files

Sometimes you may find that your Outlook .pst files have been corrupted and you cannot access them. Microsoft provided the Inbox repair tool which allows you to recover folders and items from corrupted personal folders or .pst files. It can even recover items from an offline folder or .ost files. The OST Integrity Checker Tool will help you repair corrupted .ost files. He also published a Fix it Microsoft which allows you to do it easily.

Repair Outlook PST and OST Data Files

Let’s see how we can repair corrupt Outlook 2021/2019/2016/2013/2010/2007 .PST & .OST personal data files on your Windows 11/10/8/7 PC.


  1. Outlook Inbox Repair Tool
  2. Repair corrupt Outlook PST files using Fix It
  3. OST Integrity Checker Tool
  4. OLFix tool.

1]Outlook Inbox Repair Tool

The Inbox Repair Tool or Scanpst.exe is located in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16 folder depending on the version of Office you are using. throw it scanpst.exe tool as administrator. Then, in the space provided, enter the name and location of the file you want to scan and click Start.

Then, in the space provided, enter the name and location of the file you want to scan and click Start. To find the data file location, open Outlook > File > Account Information > Account Settings > Data Files tab. Here you can see the path of all data folders. Note the path of the file you want to repair and enter it in the given field.

Click on the To analyse button. If repairs are needed, you will be shown.

repair outlook data files

Click on the Repair button to start repairs. The tool can recover the following personal folders:

The tool can recover the following personal folders:

  • Calendar
  • contacts
  • Deleted Items
  • Mailbox
  • Log
  • Remarks
  • Outbox
  • Sent elements
  • Tasks.

2]Repair corrupt Outlook PST files using Fix It


Although the inbox repair tools are quite easy to use, if you are too lazy to do so, you can download and run Microsoft Fix It 50569 from KB272227. This Fix-It will do the necessary automatically.

A PST file has a size limit of 2 GB. Once this limit is reached, corruption will be start happening.

In such case, if inbox repair tool cannot repair the corruption, you can try using oversized PST and OST crop utility or PST2GB tool from Microsoft first , then repeat the inbox repair tool again.

This tool removes 25MB of data from the file to bring the file back within the allowable limits. While this tool was used in earlier versions of Outlook, I’m not sure of its use or applicability in the current version of Outlook. So please read all instructions and exercise extreme caution if you think you can and should use this tool. If you need further help with this, you can contact Microsoft support.

POINT: These software will help you to recover forgotten Outlook PST password.

3]OST Integrity Checker Tool

The OST Integrity Checker tool will help you to fix error messages that you may receive while synchronizing your Offline Folder (.ost) file in Outlook.

OST Integrity Check tool or Scanost.exe is installed in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE.

You can use this tool to identify, diagnose, and troubleshoot or repair .ost synchronization issues. Click scanost.exe to start the tool and select the profile whose .ost files you want to scan. Click Connect and then Start Scan.

4]OLFix Tool

olfix repair outlook pst ost files

OLFix may also interest you because it allows you to repair more Outlook problems. Stellar PST Viewer will allow you to scan and view the contents of damaged or corrupt Outlook Data Files (.pst).

If you have any other issues, see our article on how to Troubleshoot Microsoft Outlook issues.

I hope this helps you!

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