Resident Evil 4 Remake: The first image of the game has been leaked

Resident Evil 4 is one of the most famous entries in the series resident Evil. Not only was it a boost for an aging franchise, but it also revolutionized the third-person action-adventure.

There’s a reason it’s been ported to almost every platform since its release; In fact, it’s so celebrated that some fans argue that it doesn’t need a remake, (although this will soon be called into question).

When playing on modern systems, Resident Evil 4 holds up pretty well and we can’t deny that, and the argument that a new version is unnecessary and that capcom should focus your attention on Code Veronica either Dino Crisis it has some weight.

but being Resident Evil 4 so popular and commercially successful, it’s only a matter of time until Capcom decides to move their chips.

The most recent post, Resident Evil Village, it was a love letter to Resident Evil 4 in many ways. He borrowed from 4 as much as he did from 7. So it’s clear that the game is still in the collective mind of capcom, and many who rushed to buy Village also.

Now this new image has been leaked online, and we are not sure of its veracity, but what is certain is that people are speculating more than usual, and it makes sense, since the graphical halt of this image looks like an improvement notorious to Resident Evil 2 Y 3 Remakes.

We just have to wait for capcom delete the images, and only then can we confirm their veracity.

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